Running Widgets in Raspberry Pi Zero W

Hello building a temp sensing/relay controlling unit. Previously had this working on a Wemos board but it died so I a trying it on Raspberry Pi Zero W.

I have transffered the code and tried to update to the JS code block as best I can. I am getting some very basic errors on it not recognizing any Blynk widget. I see in the Blynk example documentation they list an

#include Blynkwidgets.h
void loop()

But JS doesnt recognize this include function. How can I enable this code? I was able to connect to Blynk so connection is fine just having issues translating C++ from Arduino IDE into JS. Thank you! If needed I can paste the entire code but think its a basic issue I am missing.

Have you read this topic from @GTT

In my opinion, Raspberry Pi’s should only be used for Blynk servers, not clients.
They take too long to start-up, require an operating system to be loaded and updated, are hard on microSD cards, are fussy about power, are more expensive and most of all can’t run C++

You’d be far better with a Wemos D1 Mini/Pro, a NodeMCU or an ESP32.


Thanks, it sounds like I will be better served with buying a couple more Wemos boards.

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