Problems with Push Notifications

Hello blynkers.
I have a local server to monitore the temperature of my house. When the temperature is higher than 30°C then push notification. This used to work by 1 month, but stopped. I don’t change nothing in the server. Could you guys help me? :frowning:
The email works fine, but notification not

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I assume that your local server is connected to the internet?

If you’re using iOS then read this:


I’m using android. I tried on my two smartphones (moto g4 plus and xiaomi mi 8) but does not works :frowning:
I configure my router to portfowarding, so I can visualize the data out of my home, is this a problem?

No, it’s just that in this thread:

the user didn’t mention that his local server wasn’t connected to the internet, which is necessary for push notifications to work, as they use a google messaging service.


I see. My server is in the internet, the mail widget works, and the push notification used to work, but one day just stopped. I saw the logs, the HD storage, internet (tried to change network), stop the server and run again, reinstall the app, but nothing worked :frowning:
In blynk server is working the notifications, so I think that is my server