Physical IO pins on ESP32

I am using an Wemos Lolin32 V1.0.0 board and I had thought that when I set up a datastream that I would find the physical IO pins from 0 to 39, although I appreciate not all those pins are physically brought out to the board edge. However, I only see pins 0-13 and analog A0 - A4. Is that correct? because that number of pins is more like an UNO board. I also understand I can use virtual pins but I just wanted to check that only 14 digital pins and 5 analog pins can be used on an ESP32 directly.

Yep, it’s not been implemented very well at all…

My advice would be to avoid digital pins altogether…


Hi Peter, thanks for the prompt response, I had seen the earlier posts and read your excellent guide to Virtual pins. I’ll adopt the suggested approach of using all virtual pins in Blynk, since I am starting afresh with Blynk IOT. I have a couple more questions but I guess the correct method of posting is to stat a new thread for each question.

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