Only one device in blynk 2.0 after 25jul

I paid for energy in blynk 1.0. Then I received an email that I could use up to 5 devices for free. But today I only have one but if I want to add It says that I have to paid

I also logged in hoping to find my additional devices but also still only have the one.

I have also not received my mail with the 50% discount on plan pricing even though I did (more than once) purchase extra energy on Blynk 1.0

I did it a few days ago, and get the same as you. Nothing. I even sent a massage to Blynk, but no response.

Hey, we missed to add devices to some accounts. We’re working on this, and it should be fixed in a few days.

P.S. Also, many users did add a device, however their device was never online and/or didn’t send any data to the cloud. We do not count such devices.

Should be fixed now.

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I got the free devices. Thank you so much, I can finally try to move my Blynk 1 projects over to blynk 2.

I am waiting for more device to show up

@Zyrem you have 1 out of 6 devices. Looks good.

Although I can’t see any balance of how many devices I have used versus available - when I now try to add a new device it doesn’t prompt me to upgrade so I’m guessing I’m now fixed too - thanks so much…

You can check it in “Billing”


Now I have two. But i dont know if the maximun is five. Also thanks ad regards.

Check under Billing…


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Updated, Thanks

Maybe I am wrong, but don’t remember this was mentioned.
My guess was just to make a project, not to use it.