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I don’t think that would be a good economic model.

It would mean that Blynk would kiss goodbye to any future revenue from V1.0 energy sales, and the existing cloud servers would need to be decommissioned. It would also mean that potential Blynk 2.0 clients may choose to go with the open source V1.0 system, and of course lots of people would start rebranding and re-selling v1.x versions which would be competing with Blynk 2.0



I’m very disappointed !
We will never get the new platform and we will never be able to evolve the smartphone blynk app .
Everything we have suggested is in the trash, they are using our suggestions and ideas for the new platform.

True, but don’t forget that Blynk is a business and we currently get a lot of functionality for almost nothing.


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Back in May we made an announcement cause we wanted to share with you what is upcoming. We just started getting positive feedback from early commercial customer, we showed a demo to some big guys and all them liked what they saw very much. We were, and still are, eager to deliver you our latest developments.

Why still delay? Well, there is a lot of work to do to modify something that is working for a specific customer flexible enough for a general use. And there is number of things you have to do to support public usage itself, like billing, themes, documentation, etc. Our underestimation of these efforts is part of the reason. But the bigger part is that we keep being busy delivering the demands from our commercial clients. For example, this month we again didn’t get to work on public blynk 2.0 cause we were working on native integration with popular voice assistants, improving the search-for-anything-in-one-place system and adding new types of conditions in automation system.

I’m not sure many people understand the importance of us working on these incoming requests from commercial customers.

You may like it or not, but the truth is that the pivotal part of the company income comes from commercial customers. Unfortunately, energy sales cover a fraction of our expenses and would never cover developing big new features, not to talk about refactoring the whole platform.

So, when someone comes to us saying, hey, I’d like to use blynk for my product, but it lacks this feature, we evaluate the efforts, the ability to reuse by others, including your votes and requests, and try to negotiate a win-win deal for that someone to sponsor the development of the feature. Basically, all recent features of Blynk 1.0 (like SuperChart or Reports) were made possible to develop this way.

The public launch of the new platform is inevitable.

Meanwhile, we assure you again that the existing platform is being supported. We make sure that all the widgets that you spent your money on are working, the app is working fine on the new version of operating systems, the server is up and running, etc.


we could take inspiration from the nextion technique to create a beautiful HUD on Blynk app



Everything you have said, including:

is 100% understandable. Most users understand this and have no problem with your focus on your major commercial partners . . . however it is the complete lack of communication since the initial announcement that is causing ongoing frustration.

Plans change, timelines change, unforeseen circumstances arise . . . that’s life . . . but please keep us informed, with meaning, and realistic, updates.



Is it a sign ? :joy::joy:

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Haha :wink::wink:

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Will the old microcontroller libraries be compatible with the new blynk version?

What is this old controller?

libraries microcontroller for blynk 1.0

The old Blynk library are not compatible with the last app, you have to downgrade.
But why do you want to use old library?

will libraries with BLYNK 1.0 version be compatible with BLYNK 2.0 (BETA) version ?

Sorry, I didn’t understand !
I think the new plateform will not be compatible, blynk staff said , we will have to do some easy change.

Important note: Due to the significant changes of platform, you would need to create new projects. The projects you’ve built with the previous Blynk app will not be working in new apps. Sorry for that, but we had to move on… Fortunately, firmware API stays the same and there is no need to rewrite the code on the devices.

New libraries will almost certainly be required, to support the new apps and functionality.
However, it seems that there will be a lot of backwards code compatibility, so sketches written for the existing version of Blynk will probably require only minor tweaking and re-compiling using the latest libraries to make them functional with the new app and server code.
Obviously if you want to take advantage of the new functionality that the new version will have then the code will need to be modified to achieve this.


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almost one year :joy::joy:

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I WANT TO SELL MY BLYNK ACCOUNT. I live in that area where i cant internet access everytime so this is quite useless for me and stupidly i spent lot of money on buying components to make projects . IF ANYONE INTERESTED SO Can MAIL ME [Email address removed by moderator]. i have 8000 energy

Do you have access to satellite?

In my opinion, buying someone else’s Blynk account is a bad idea.
Although you can reset the password, you can’t change the email address associated with the account. This means the the original owner will get an email whenever you create a new project and this email will contai your project auth code.
This auth code is all that is needed to have total control over your project - seeing your data and having the ability to push different data to it at will. This means that if your project is used to open your garage doors or turn your lights on and off the the original owner of the account will have the ability to do all of this as well.

Why doesn’t Blynk give you the ability to change the registration email address? Probably because transferring accounts and energy balances to others isn’t how the cloud accounts are meant to be used.

There is another potential issue with selling your account to another user - the account will live on one of the three worldwide servers - probably the one geographically nearer to the original owner. If the person who buys the account may not be geographically close to this server, which will no doubt result in increased latency and ping times.


@Honey_Singh I’ve deleted your similar post from another topic, although in that post you somehow had 5 times a much energy to sell.

If you persist in doing this I will suspend your account on this forum. Please consider this to be your final warning on this matter.