New Blynk in my mind

Hi Blynk developers,

I have been using Blynk for a couple+ years now. Using Blynk, I have developed a home thermostat, a garage door opener, and a personal weather station that is feeding data to wunderground. All these projects are personal projects that I enjoy very much using Blynk.

My question is, when the new Blynk will be out? I am willing to pay for it. I want to support you guys one way or another.

Thank you,

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If one day you have any informations , please tell us :joy:

People have been asking that question for almost a year . . .


I’m going to close this topic, as it’s really just a duplicate of the one that @Bill_Donnelly linked to.
Closing the topic means that regular forum members can’t post here, but that doesn’t stop Blynk developers from posting comments to the topic if they wish.


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