New iOS Release 2.10.0

The 2.10.0 update is now available in the App Store.

Please welcome an enhanced graphing widget - SuperChart.
More info:

Also in this update:
Fixed bug when Time Input widget wasn’t synced.
Fixed bug when LCD widget ignored setProperty command.
Added support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type in WebHook widget.
No more AP name restriction when provisioning a device via WiFi.


@Eugene can you please just give us a reminder of what iOS doesn’t have?

Specifically does the notify (PUSH) widget work?

At the moment next widget are not available on iOS

  • Eventor
  • Video Stream
  • GPS & other smartphone sensors

Yes, but only with Blynk Cloud server.

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2 questions regarding apple phones:

  1. what about the custom notification sound / project function?

  2. if - on local server - one can not push notification from hw to apple phone, nor the eventor widget not usable, what are the possibilities? why push notification is restricted on local server?


Adding push notifications support for local servers and custom notifications sound on iOS are in to-do list.


thanks for the info!

until that, on local server, what are the possibilities for notifications?

You could send pushes using some 3d party http API and WebHook lets say. Smth like
There are Email and Twitter widgets also.

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i see. thanks!

Hi, after update and test with SuperCharts in full screen, apps crashing constantly

Any specifics? At what moment it crashes?
I haven’t received crash reports yet…

Hi, I tried to reboot iOS devicce and it didn’t help, so I removed SuperChart in android device. After that Blynk app on iOS started normally

I will try to setup SuperChart again on iOS and report result

If I remember correctly, problem started in fullscreen mode after switch to 3m history

Any chance of Google Map for iOS (Google Maps Platform Documentation  |  Maps SDK for iOS  |  Google for Developers) being added prior to GPS Smartphone sensor, for Blynkers that are using external GPS devices?

At the moment Apple maps are used in Map widget on iOS. Or are you asking specifically for Google map?

@Eugene any map is fine. So you are saying the map widget already exists in iOS even though GPS smartphone sensor is not available?


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So i setup SuperChart again,

With one datastrem was working ok (also in fullscreen mode)
When I added two additional datastreams (3 in total) app crashed (and crashing after every time I try to pen Blynk) when I tried to swich to 3M history

Hope it will be solved,beacouse SuperCharts ROCKS!

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Are you on iPhone 6S? Got the crash report. Seems like specific to the data received from server. Could you send me the logs from the app?

Yes, 6s here,
Logs sent

I’ve just come across a bug with the Menu widget.
I’m running IOS 2.10.0 (5). Not sure if it was there in previous versions…

When you add a Menu widget then edit the widget to add additional menu options, these extra menu items disappear when you later go back and make a change to the Menu Widget.
Say you have options called A, B, C & D. When you edit the widget to change the title of the widget, only options A & B are shown in the drop-down. You have to go back and manually add the extra options each time a change is made.