Inconsistent widget state between master and shared apps

I’ve got a master app (iOS) shared with two other devices (an Android and an iOS). There is a Time Input Widget on the app. Upon new time input on the master app, the newly entered time will correctly propagate and it is correctly shown on both shared apps, but the reverse not working. That is, the newly entered time on Time Input widget on either of non-master devices isn’t propagated to all other devices (both master and shared).

I tried logging into all devices with the same credentials, instead of sharing the app, same deal!

I’m using private server 0.25.4, iOS 2.9.7, and android 2.14.6

Suppose there are 3 zones, and there is an ESP8266 in each zone connected to a light switch. I want to use device selector to select which zone I want to control.

I’ve got a master app on iOS, containing a Device Selector widget, and a few other bunch of widgets all configured to used the device selector as their source. The app is shared with 2 other devices, an Android and an iOS.

Now, the problem is if I change the zone using Device Selector on one device (either iOS or Android, master or slave), the source of widgets on all devices (both master and slaves, iOS and Android) gets changed, but the label on their corresponding Device Selector widget doesn’t change which leads to confusion.

Let say iOS_1 is master, Android_1 and iOS_2 are slaves. At time=0 all device selectors on all iOS_1, Android_1 and iOS_2 point to zone1. At time=1 I change device selector on iOS1 to point to zone 2. Doing that will cause iOS_2 and Android_1 also point to zone2, but with their device selector showing that they still point to zone 1. In other words, even though by looking at Android_1 and iOS you would think they still controlling zone1, but they actually controlling zone2.

So, what I want to do is: if iOS_1, or any other devices, has changed to a zone, the Device Selector widget on all other devices either shouldn’t get effected, or if they do, update their own Device Selector widget properly to reflect that fact that they have switched to different zone.

I’m using private server 0.25.4, iOS 2.9.7, and android 2.14.6

Since both your topics involve similar discrepancy between a Master project and it’s Shared projects, I have merged them into one topic.

I will wait for the developers to look into whether this is an actual Issue and Error topic or not… however I think you might solve most, if not all, of your questions by simply logging in all phones into the same account, that way they are all synchronized with the same project(s) all the time.

Also, take into consideration that there are some differences in Widget availability and functionality between IOS and Android Apps, that might be causing the discrepancies.

Thanks for detailed descriptions. We’ll take a look.

I’ve already tested that, no luck though :worried:

Really appreciate it mate. Looking forward to updates from you.

Define “no luck”?

As in, can’t get multiple phones to log into same account?

Or, all logged in fine, but still has discrepancies (although I can’t see how, aside from IOS/Android differences),


Time Input: I can confirm issue on iOS - Time input is not synced when changed on other device. We’ll fix.
Seems to be syncing fine on Android.

Device Selector: Issue confirmed. Ticket created:


As in it doesn’t have any effects on the problem, and everything remains the same.

No, it wouldn’t have affected the posted problem, but it SHOULD work as an viable alternative to the limited sharing option.

Regardless, the Developers have discovered something and are working on it :wink:

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That’s fantastic :slight_smile:

Amazing :slight_smile:
Thanks for your dedication. You rock guys!