New Android Release 2.16.0

What’s new:

  1. New widget Device Tiles. It is like Device Selector but with own layout for the group of devices, no docs yet. (Kindly ported back to Blynk app from one of the Blynk Business customer);
  2. Terminal scroll issue fixed;
  3. Gradient for SuperChart fixed;
  4. Few minor fixes for SuperChart;
  5. History graph is removed from the Widget’s box;
  6. Device selector with LCD fix;
  7. Picker dialog’s UI updated;

As usual - any feedback is very welcomed. Enjoy!


Dear @Dmitriy,
I really thank you ( and your team ) for solving the problem ( 2 ) that I suffered a lot due to the excessive usage of terminal widget at my projects.
I already tested and it is fine now.
When you came Greece some time, I will buy your meal for sure…

Again Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis


Noted :wink:.

Since you’re removing the history graph, i would ask if it would be possible to bring over a couple useful things to its successor, maybe as optional settings: showing numbered axes in the normal view (now they’re only in full screen) and grid lines.

And thank you for enabling tons of IoT around me! :grin:


I overlooked that when I scanned the “new” features.

@Dmitriy do we need to remove all history graphs from our projects?

No need.

+1 for that

I’m now seeing some very random times on the axis for the super graph. The time/value series is not correct. i.e. it is showing the wrong time against the value in the graph on both the x axis and when you trace the graph line with your finger. anyone else seeing this?

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Covered elsewhere.

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I tried Super Chart recently and it’s really modern, good looking chart. But is there any particular reason for removing History Chart out of Widget box? Why not keeping both of them in the offering? I’m asking you this because Super Chart is not compatible with Android versions bellow 7.0; I don’t know how it’s affecting iOS users, but Super Chart is not working on my wife’s Samsung J3.


Works for me and I’m well below version 7.0.

Can you clarify details in how it is not working? Not available, errors on placement, skitters about uncontrollably when you poke at it, etc…

PS working fine on my ancient NexusS v4.4.4.

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Yes. It was built with very old “graph library” version. And superchart is built with new “graph library” version. So right now we have to support 2 different versions of the same library. That increases maintenance cost and APK file size.

Please provide more details.

Here’s what I get on Samsung J3, Android 5.1.1, it’s not 6, my bad:

@zodiac are you running Local Server?.. if so, update… sooner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, in this case I’m using Blynk cloud. I’ve just tried it on old Samsung S2 with Android 4.3, same thing happens. Just empty widget frame with SOON sign on it.

@zodiac seems like it is outdated app.

You need to update app to latest version on that Samsung J3