My BBQ cooking monitor - ESP8266 dual K-probe via MAX31855 & OLED display


@Dave1829 im totally new to this forum and i saw your post about an OTA update web interface from 2 years ago. can you help me out? (pm)


Just post your question/s in the correct forum like normal. It’s as easy as that!

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@ caldersm,
I’m a bit confused by your work- It looks to me like you are using 3 pins for communication which is a bit different than Dave’s example. I’m using a similar board to yours and having a bit of trouble sorting out pin assignments etc.

In your example,you are calling MAX31856 (I understand that this is a different thermocouple board) and the call requires 4 parameters.


This is the actual ESP8266 board that I’m using. And for clarity, I do have the MAX31855 thermocouple board