Developer Tools - need community feedback

Hi Blynkers,

We are working on a new feature: Developer Tools.
Currently, you may have noticed a tab: Datastreams: which gives you an overview of all datastreams, values and even gives you some options.

It’s already an excellent tool for debugging, but we want to give you more valuable tools.

The general plan is to rename this tab to Developer Tools and put all sorts of information and actions that will help during working with devices, debugging, status review, etc.

Our internal discussion led us to this list of helpful things below, but because you work with the platform a lot, we wanted to ask you for feedback and ideas.

Here is what we plan to add there. You can vote:

  • Current “Datastreams” table will stay the same
  • Test notifications push, email
  • Webhook URL + testing feature
  • Manually trigger automation scenario for testing purposes
  • HTTPS request constructor and testing
  • Update any value
  • Update any property
  • Erase data (All Datastreams, selected DS). Later: choose a time period to clear erase data
  • View auth token (will be moved from Device Info)
  • Code header snippet (TemplateID, Devcie Name, Token)
  • Quick OTA update (no firmware version check, just upload the binary and send update)
  • Reboot device
  • Clear wifi credentials for WiFi devices
  • Update WiFi credentials
  • Simulate event rendering
  • Console to send/capture prints from the device (similar to Blynk 1.0) Terminal Widget

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Let us know what you think is really helpful, what’s not. But, most importantly: what do you think can be added.

Let’s build a better Blynk together :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Hi @Pavel that sounds like a good idea.
I assume that from a security point of view, access to this tab will be restricted to users who have “Developer Mode” turned on?

Are there any areas of functionality (Reboot device & View the console maybe) that you may wish to give to some people without giving them full developer access? So do these changes need a review of the Roles and Permissions settings?

I do think that the current use of the magnifying glass (Search) to view devices is a bit odd. As we have a Templates view, wouldn’t it make sense to have a Devices view as well? I think this might make the web interface more intuitive and overcome some of the beginner mistakes of assuming that the data seen in the Template view is actual live device data.



That’s correct.

This is unrelated to dev tools, but we are working on this part too as a global effort to improve developer and customer experiences.


@Pavel - Personally, I prefer the data streams as they are, keeps them basic and allows for faster setup, especially when it comes to new devices.

On the Developer mode, a new tab / heading would be great and additions there can be amended as time goes by.