I am bigginer and i need help

I am using a new arduino board which called
robotdyn card. mega + wifi r3 atmega2560 + esp8266
And i need someone to brovide me the steps to connect this board with blynk using wiffi
Without internet
Please give me folder or link to follow, which explain step by step

Best regards.

Why no Internet? You are not going to get far with any connection method to a router that cannot connect to Blynk’s Cloud Server.

If you don’t have internet for the use of Blynk, then you will first need to install Local Blynk Server on some device that supports Java.

But now I see you have asked a similar question last year. Sorry, but the answers are the same. Checkout the link (links are in green) I provided for Local Server information.

So what hardware must be present
Actually i need to make a home atumation for people and some of them don’t have internet
And the board which i have has it’s own esp
So is there a methode to do it
Please provide me hardwares and softwares needed and steps
This is my first project

Yes that’s right i asked the same question last year but now i have the board and start working

Start here and read through the documentations, that is what they are there for.

This forum is a community of others who all started from scratch (like myself about three months ago) and read, learned and eventually mastered much of Blynks features and functions.

And when you have questions about a specific step or issue along the way, we will help you as abled, but we will not do it all for you.

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I’ll give you a quick hint though, there are always 3 parts in a Blynk setup. The mobile app, the MCU hardware and the Blynk server.

The last one can be on any device which runs Java. RaspberryPi, some NAS’ses and so on. You always need a Server of some sort to run the Blynk magic :slight_smile:

Dont speak in this accent my freind
I am looking all the night through the documentations and there are websites provide me steps
I am asking to provide me linke or file not to do it for me
And i am not asking you especially
So if you don’t have what i need dont reply but dont speake in this accent
I am using a new board and there is nothing about here in documentations

@bhaa And another good place to learn about that all important server (in your case, Local Server) is here.

I not only gave you what you need, but also what you asked for… and very courteously. If you are not happy with it, then you might be in the wrong place for answers ← now that is “accent” :wink:

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Is this the RobotDyn or something completely different?

If this is not your hardware do you have a link for your product so we know what you are working with?

Excuse me my freind, but i felt that you think i am looking for someone to make every thing to me.
But actually i am a begginer and i am looking for the first step
And i have difficulty in finding it in this website


Yes it is
Completly the same

Do have any manual for it or link
I am looking hardly for it’s manual without any result

@bhaa my understanding is that product is a little confusing with 8 dip switch settings for different modes of operation. Were you provided with any documentation or links from the supplier?

What have you been able to do with the product before you found Blynk?

I was just typing this when I saw your post.

First step:

Second steps:


Third Step:
Be thankful that anyone gives you the first few steps :wink:

And I recommend you treat your board as a basic Arduino Mega, perhaps with USB-Link (it is in the documents) until you get the hang of basic Blynk and Local server.

Meanwhile @Costas loves ESP8266 devices hacked into Arduinos :stuck_out_tongue: so he may, or may not, take it from here. Have fun :smiley:

Google gave me some details about your product but not too much.
I have quite a bit of experience with different soc boards but I would be quite wary of buying a “new” board without any documentation. It becomes guesswork on how you need to set them up and it can be very time consuming.

You said you want to use Blynk without the internet so you need to study the local server setup details on their GitHub site. The link has already been provided by @Gunner but duplicated here in case you missed it https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server

You will then have 2 decisions to make:

  1. What hardware do you want to buy as your local server as the current product can’t be a server.

  2. How do I want to connect my RobotDyn to the server. WiFi is probably the way to go based on the product you have but it’s not the only way.

Take a look at this site for a few details on your product and use Google translate for the postings in French https://www.element14.com/community/message/210703/l/robotdyn-card-mega-wifi-r3-atmega2560-esp8266-8-mb-mémoire#210703

Thank you so much

Search facilities is the most powerful tool I have in my workshop.

Once you have worked out how to set the dip switches, from the link I provided, there is a sketch on this site for connecting to Blynk’s cloud server at [RobotDyn WIFI D1 R2]Login timeout

This will at least allow you to learn the “Blynk way” before you set up a local server etc.

There is even an schematic here with dipswitch settings: https://tinyurl.com/hqyazzt

From what I can tell you can set it up with different connections to different parts of the board. I actually quite like the integration that is going on here, but it is rather a complicated thing.

The first thing you need to do, I think, is confirm which kind of firmware is running on the ESP chip. I suspect that will be the infamous AT firmware, which in this case is probably good (see the dip settings to have the USB connected to the ESP chip and read that out with a serial terminal program like Putty).

Secondly, if you confirmed the AT firmware is running on there you can set it into special mode. From what I gather the special mode is basically the “Arduino using ESP as a shield” mode. So, you need to find the corresponding sketches in the Blynk library (from the examples) and try those. Remember the ESP is connected to Tx3/Rx3 of the Arduino, as seen in @Costas his link to the board with the french posts :slight_smile:

-found it on ebay too, I’ve ordered one, a bit more expensive than Ali, but I don’t have a CC

AliExpress in English for this product https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mega-WiFi-R3-ATmega2560-ESP8266-8Mb-memory-USB-TTL-CH340G-Compatible-for-Arduino-Mega-NodeMCU-WeMos/32740014666.html