How to integrate Blynk and IFTTT (Google Assistant)


What do you mean by port?
Sending a 0 to a virtual pin will do just that, set the virtual pin to 0. What happens after that will depend on what is in the code.

To send a pulse, you will need to make it so when you send a 0 or 1 to the virtual pin what ever action you need to occur will, and then set the virtual pin back to the state you want.

For example, this is how I use it when activating my garage door opener. Sending a value of 1to the virtual pin with Google Assistant.

  int value = param.asInt();
  if (value == 1) 
    Serial.println("Garage Opener Activated");
     digitalWrite(led_pin, HIGH);//Active High Relay
    timer.setTimeout(1000L, []() { 
     digitalWrite(led_pin, LOW);
     Blynk.virtualWrite(V20, 0);
      });  // END Timer Function


Can we put multi virtual pin from Webhook to blynk ? Thanks


This is how I did the linkys using Amazon Alexa and google IFTTT for my project on here

Firstly make sure the IP address works in your browser

0 turns off - A 1 turns pin on

So in this example I am controlling virtual pin V43 which is the soffit light button on my blynk app - clearly make sure your button on the blynk app works first!!!

This is the IFTTT Applet to go with it

So I use the phrase ‘soffit lights on’ then a webhook to the public IP then your token and pin as shown
the method is ‘PUT’
COntent type is application/JSON
and the body is [“1”] so this turns

then you creat another applett to turn off ie changing trigger wording and put a 0 in the body.
Dont forget to save your applett and make sure it is turned on.

I also do this with a slider and alexa for a lounge dimmer just have an applet for 10, 20, 30 and so on. Then when you say trigger lounge 30 ie get 30% power - simples!!! and you see the slider move on the app.




Hi, if we need to chang more than 1 pin, ex: V1 and V2 in one url, can we do that?


No… but you can refer to another vPin’s function that will change as many other vPins as you want.

PS, this type of question is not really suited for this topic’s purpose and has been answered a few times…


Ok thanks Gunner