How to integrate Blynk and IFTTT (Google Assistant)

I’m pretty new to this. I’m trying to integrate this in a garage door too. Where do I add this code?

Which code are you talking about?

You should already have code for the button widget. IFTTT/Google Assistant just simulates a button press.

You would most likely be better off starting your own topic, and asking a more specific question there. Be sure to add your code (properly formatted that is), the type of device you are using, wiring diagrams, etc… Basically anything that would be helpful for us to try and answer your question.

I’m talking about the code you have for the garage door opener up above.

Ok, that code gets added to the overall sketch. Basically anywhere except inside of another function.

It is your basic button widget type code. It reads the value of virtual pin 20, if it is 1, it then: sets a GPIO pin to HIGH, and one second later Sets the same GPIO pin LOW and then sets virtual pin 20 back to 0.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Do I do this in the Blynk App or do I sudo nano a certain file on my Raspberry Pi?

This code is for an arduino type system (arduino, ESP8266, etc). Not a Raspberry Pi.

Oh ok. Thanks anyway.

As mentioned before, try creating your own topic with all relevant information. I am sure some of the people with Pi experience may be able to help.

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Fábio_Faria, that’s okay.
I did the step by step as you teach, barely when I call google on my cell phone and opens the search page and does not connect the lamp.
The comado I’m creating is in Portuguese (Brazil).

Could you help me?
I’m using ESP8266-12F, in Blynk I use the vitual pin, V1, V2 and V3.

Could you help me since the ifttt is up to date and I can’t find anything. I want to configure to use my arduino.
Thank you

I’m locking this topic because the last few posts have been from people who have provided no real information about their IFTTT setup and don’t appear to have read through the thread and learned from it.

If you are having issues with IFTTT then my advice would be:

  • Read through this thread from the beginning.
  • If you’re using the Blynk cloud servers then ping from your computer and use the IP address that is returned in your IFTTT recipe.
  • Use GET rather than PUT
  • Test your Blynk API call in the address bar of your browser to get it working
  • Read the Blynk API documentation here:

If you’re still having problems then creat a new topic with full details of what you’re trying to achieve, what you’ve tried so far, what results you’ve observed and what error messages you’ve received.
Please don’t post your Auth code unless you’re prepared to change it once you have your IFTTT integration working.