History Graph (missing)

OMFG… I mean x/y-GRIDS, not labels! English isn’t your first language? :slight_smile: Ля, речь не о ярлычках, а о сетке!!! Understood? :smile:

any more complaints?

Critique the ideas not the user or your membership here will be shorter than your research time… understood :wink:

So we returned onto origin point. X/Y-GRIDS not available in most recent version so we (at last ME) will wait for its RE-implementation.

And YES, this issue can not be marked as “Solved” COMPLETELY.
IMO, any graphs without axis grid are bad idea.

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Ah, so in clearer vernacular what you meant to ask is “Where are the Gridlines (so as to not confuse with the more popularly debated X-Y issue).

I personally never even noticed they were missing… I can follow the chart fine as is, so guess my eyes aren’t crossed after all :stuck_out_tongue:

@BlynkAndroidDev since it is so frequently noted as missing, can we consider this an official Widget “feature” request for the SuperChart? (optionally togglable please… I think many like the clean chart :wink: )

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@Pavel @Dmitriy what do you think about grid lines option for Super Chart?

Sure optional, clean graph may be handy, agree! :upside_down_face:
BTW, we can see that HistoryGraph x-gridlines NOT exact on week scale - waves are heater switched by timer

@walkin-corpse SuperChart supports tap-and-hold feature so it should replace gridlines.

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…but it doesn’t. Tap’n’hold avail on fullscreen olny. And last but not least it requires additional actions to evaluate the data. Gridlines not.
I really can’t understand your unacceptance of gridlines.

On some phones grid lines in portrait mode will look awful, perhaps that’s why?
How many variables are you using in SuperChart and on what phone?

Tap-n-hold works fine in a portrait/fullscreen mode for any period (except Live one).

Indeed it does, but tap-n-hold isn’t the grid lines that @walkin-corpse would like to see. Personally I can’t see the need for grid lines on a device the size of a phone.

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Yep, we also decided that it does not look good on mobile.


What are you looking at?? Certainly not my graph since…

A) It is not a heater, it is my computer system.
B) The dips are caused when I shut off my multi monitor step so I can sleep… I deal with Chronic Fatigue, so I don’t follow normal sleep patterns.
C) They are spot on for time and date… I know, I watch them happen on my phone as I make the changes.

Lol, you so funny… I looked at MY picture that I put in message you read. Didn’t noticed the link? But why so much words? )))

Lost points for Blynk. On my FullHD screen it looked ok. And as told it could be optional! Bad look - switch off!
Really bad that developers choosing what’s better for users. That’s MS bad influence indeed, I understand. ((

I’m sure Blynk will make you a bespoke copy if you need it that much.

No I didn’t. I read too many posts every day, so if one can’t first post images/code/, then I don’t bother looking at links. (and I now see that you had since added the link that wasn’t there when I replied :wink: )

I did try waving my hands around, but you apparently missed that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Spend some real time actually reading the topics and trying things out… thousands of other users feel vastly different.

Even if developers deny to re-implement gridlines then maybe they will fix timeline bug in SuperChart? SuperChart timeline is shown in UTC, not in my local time. HistoryGraph showed local time.
I’m sorry if this bug already reported but just still not fixed. But if not reported then accept it.

Let’s not forget that we are talking about mobile screen

  1. grid lines add a lot of mess, especially with XY labels, timeline, etc.
  2. tap-hold-drag is an interaction to dig into data without the need of the grid - this is the best UX practices for mobile interfaces. We take research seriously.
  3. so far, certain design limitations help with the cleaner look of the app (not ideal, for sure). we will work even more on that.