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Being new to Blynk 2.0 (I never used the old version), my curiosity is very high on the things I can do with it. I’ve came across some videos of people interfacing Blynk with Google assistant using IFTTT, just to turn on/off some lights, leds etc.

In my case, I also want to control a relay state. I’ve followed some steps and managed to create my applets in IFTTT. Simple commands like * turn ON the x / turn OFF the x * were created. The IP address was taken by using command prompt : * ping" .
In the tutorials, they were using the old authentication code, and because Blynk 2.0 doesn’t have that anymore, I just replace it with the ID code. The pin I’m using is GPIO32.

Sadly, It’s not working.

If anyone has any idea what else I have to do, or what I did wrong, please let me know

Blynk 2.0 uses

Yes it does, it’s in the Device Info page of the web portal, left hand column, half way down.

The syntax for the Blynk 2.0 HTTP(S) API is different…

Also, don’t do it like the screenshot you posted. Use the GET method for everything and put it all in the URL field of IFTTT.
Test the API call by pasting it into your web browser before putting it into IFTTT.



plz hide your auth. fr safety

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Deleted it, thanks for heads up

BTW… Did you try Pete Sir’s Instruction? Did it work?

I tried using it . I works.

Or else wait for some days.
Blynks Voice assistant support wi ll come

So I tried the new syntax and its working in my browser, but not when I try to use my Google Assistant. The assistant does respond with the sentence that I programmed, but the action doesn’t happen.


Anything else I can try ? My phone shouldn’t be a problem, I think. Android 11

Edit: OK NEVERMIND. I had a space between the ip and external…now its working , crazy hahaaha

For future people who want to make this work.

  1. Check on what region are you on. Go on web dashboard, and in the right low corner, it should say Region:fra1 , fra2 etc.

This are all the regions: – Frankfurt – London – New York – Singapore – Bangalore

  1. The correct syntax to make a GET request is this:


  • your_token_here = your project’s token
  • vx = where “x” is the virtual pin number you want to control
  • command = what command you want to send, like 1,0 etc.

Big thanks to @VIGHNESHNS2008 who took his time to help me privately.

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welcome sir

Dear sir my region is this can you please send me screen shots where can i find those all /external/api/update?token=your_token_here&vx=command

asking here token then again token ?
previosly i am using old blynk with google assistance it will working well now i am going to shift new blynk 2.0 can you please share some screen shots

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@Huzefamaz1 hey there, check this out :

Dear sir
thanks for reply sir i will check

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You should read the documentation…


Dear sir
thanks for reply sir
sir i attached here the sceenshot please take a look is it i am doing correct ?

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No, you aren’t.

Read the documentation and look at the examples.



thanks sir

sir i have a Q for ifttt and BLYNK IOT i have to use same Gmail account right ?

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ok sir understand
thank for prompet reply sir
ok i will try again sir than you

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If you need any help, I’m here.

Good luck.

Dear sir
I did same but still my relay can’t triger

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