GearBlynk - standalone app and widget for Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch series



Hi ,

Just wondering if it is possible to setup to monitor a switch and give status like a garage door monitor ??


@gregbassett sorry don’t understand. App supports sending values to your devices. If you setup a button which sends lets say value ‘1’ to one of your pins, and then in code implement that your garage door opens when device received ‘1’ value - it is possible.
Currently app supports only sending values.


I think I want it to work the other way , I have a reed switch on the raspberry pi and I want to update the smart watch when the status changes from open and closed


@gregbassett getting pin value will be one of next features. Should think of how to implement it in best way


@MrEd @Apollo10 new version GearBlynk PRO 1.0.4 has been added to Galaxy Apps store.
Import Token feature has been added. This will save you much time and nerves while adding new tokens.
How it works:

  1. visit
  2. generate short 4-symbol code for your Blynk token
  3. open the app and go to Setup Tokens -> Add -> Import Token
  4. enter generated 4-symbol code and enjoy

Please note that the code generated by will expire in 10 minutes. If you get ‘code expired’ you can generate another code.

Thank you.


Great, it’s working.


Pls keep us posted.


Hello Sadmafioso, nothing new under the sun ? :slight_smile:


@Apollo10 hello. Currently no :sunglasses:


there is any way to have push button function in the app? :slight_smile:


@alecsm hello what do you mean? Each widget button in GearBlynk app click acts like a button widget click in blynk app. It sends user defined value to a user defined pin.


i mean to have the option to PUSH or SWITCH button, like we have it in the phone app. For example i’m using the app to open/ close a gate who needs an impulse for about 1 second to trigger the electric motor. I cannot use a switch button. In order to operate the gate now from the watch app, i have to press open then close (2 buttons) in order to simulate a push button :frowning: .
Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

IMHO you have to set a push button with custom delay in the triggers setup, because when u keep the button pressed more than 1 second in the widget, the app is asking if you want to delete or move the triggers.