GearBlynk - standalone app and widget for Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch series

@Patrick_Schmidt, there are some things to keep in mind about privileges of the certain Tizen application. You should provide a list of urls to which the app is able to send requests. Since the local blynk servers will have custom addresses i think this is the problem. This list is statically stored in app manifest file which is not modified. Will look on this later

@Patrick_Schmidt, good news! this is possible. just ckecked on emulator and successfully got responses from local service (not blynk server, but doesn’t matter) as well as public web servers (blynk)

in future updates i will try to add requested functionality.


Greate to hear :slight_smile:

i wouldn’t mind if this becomes a pro feature :wink:

It is hard to throw my beloved Vector, but i will buy a Frontier just for this app. If will work with local servers…
Anyway, good job!

I will waiting this feature.

Work is in progress. I will post here as soon it is ready

Hello guys! Just finished testing and submitted the new app version on Galaxy Store.
Added new option: Server Setup, which allows to provide custom server ip and port.
Now let’s wait for validation team ~5 working days and if everything is good it will be available.
This funcitonality is only for PRO version.


@Patrick_Schmidt @mugur @Phyton
New version has passed validation and should be available in Galaxy Store during the day.

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Thanks dude :slight_smile:

Hello sadMafioso,
Very nice apps indeed! I solved my local vs public server issue via squid redirect ;-).
IMHO, a great improve will be an easy way to enter token. It takes me hours (I’ve big finger ;-)) to enter the code and, because of the watch shape, it’s quiet difficult to edit it…
A way can be copy/paste from sms… But I don’t know if it’s possible…
Also, have a toggle to turn on/off on the same widget can be great
I hope I’ll be able to play with lights better than in samsung add :slight_smile:
Many thanx,
Mr Ed

thank you! Yes, entering a big string is not convenient on the watch indeed. Will try to find a better way if it is possible.

any chance for wear os ?

Maybe later. Currently have no possibilities.

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@MrEd seems i have found a solution how to quickly import tokens to the watch to make adding process easy. Will work on it after the NY holidays.
PS seems that watch does not have copy paste fuction, so this will be handled in another way :sunglasses:

First of all, i wish everyone a happy new year !
Second of all, for a paid app it’s a small dissapointment. After minutes of typing the auth token and click save (of course i have typed 2 letters in a wrong way), you can not edit the token…you have to do all over again.
Indeed, a copy paste function do the trick.

@Apollo10 thanks, new version will have import token option. Soon this will be released. Instead of typing all token string users will visit a site where they will generate short 4 digit code for their blynk token. Then this 4 digit code will be used for import original token in the watch app. I will post instructions here

Meanwhile you can add a vibration feedback when we press the defined buttons for turning a lamp or something else ?
Maybe even a two state button ? When i push once to comute 0, and when i push second time to comute 1. In this way for the virtual pin i dont have to do two buttons for the same device.

@Apollo10 nice idea, i will think about it

I was going to grab this from the Galaxy Store, but it looks like there’s a “GearBlynk PRO” and also a “GearBlynk PRO GW” which is a version newer. Is the GW version for the Galaxy Watch specifically? I don’t see anything in the description of either app that states what the difference is?

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@J_Gat there is no difference in functionality. But GearBlynk PRO GW is for devices running on Tizen 4.0 and higher. GearBlynk PRO is for devices running Tizen 2.3.2 and higher. If yor device supports both, they will show in Galaxy store.