GearBlynk - standalone app and widget for Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch series

Imagine you could control any of your Blynk running device from your wrist. Now it is possible with GearBlynk app!

project page
youtube demo

App menu and configuration
➊ Send Triggers - send Triggers to your Blynk-running devices.
➋ Setup Tokens - add or delete your blynk Tokens (this will not delete token from your Blynk project).
➌ Setup Trigger - add or delete your Triggers.
➍ Setup Widget - assign Triggers to Widget slots.

App widget
App has a built-in Widget with four slots: top, bottom, left, right. Custom Trigger could be assigned to each slot.

Internet connection
GearBlynk app uses internet connection only to send requests when you press widget slot buttons or choose an item from Send Triggers list.

Send Triggers menu item shows a notification if internet connection is absent on your device.

You are able to use GearBlynk app even without WiFi connection. In this case your smartwatch should be connected to your phone over bluetooth. Bluetooth internet tethering should be enabled in your phone Connection Settings.

Note from developer
Initially I was thinking of making two versions of the GearBlynk: free and paid. Free version was supposed to have some limitations. Finally I came to a decision of releasing fully functional free version without any limitations.

If you liked GearBlynk app and would like to support, feel free to make a donation:

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Wow, this is an amazing project!
Is there any opportunity to run this APP into an Android Wear devices?

Thanks in advance!

@psoro, currently no Android Wear version. maybe later.

Oh, it’s a pity, please, let us know if you develop an Android Wear version. Anyway, congratulations for your APP.

Best regards.

Seriously cool! :clap::clap::clap:
Thanks for sharing!

Is there anyone who could test the app on Gear S2 and Gear Sport devices? Could you confirm it is working? Thank you in advance.

is this app still running? I did some tests on my gear S3, but no luck :frowning:

I don’t know if you can add this app to your Gear S3 .
this way you can control many devices with just a touch (Sinric for android)

Could you describe what is wrong?
If you downloaded app from the store, all you need is configure your tokens and add triggers (check correctly token string for mistakes, it should be just the same as your blynk project’s token). Then be sure you have internet connection on your smartwatch.

Also check if you could control your device using Blynk API requsts from desktop browser, only after that proceed to configure GearBlynk

actually it’s not very clear for me how to setup the GearBlynk App. I can’t find proper documentation, but let’s see what I just did:
In gearblynk app
added new token (Auth Token)
added new trigger -> name -> selected the token created at previous step -> pin type: D -> Pin number: 4 -> Pin Value:1
setup widget

I have to mention that the device is working well from phone app (android)

What’s wrong?

Ok, first refer to the links from the first post of this topic. There is a video demo.
Then open GearBlynk and go to Send Triggers. If you see a notification that internet connection is absent, then connect to wifi or Bluetooth with internet tethering.

If you see items in Send Triggers menu, everything should work if you set up trigger properly. I’ve just checked my setup and can confirm that my kitchen light is turned on and off from smartwatch. Also go to and try your setup from that page. I mean enter your token, pin type, pin value which you set up in GearBlynk and try if it is working.

Thanks for writing this app!
Is there an easier way to type in the long token? I just typed it in twice with the on-screen keyboard and after pressing Done, I end up back at the “Name” and “Token” screen, but my token was not saved

OK never mind, I eventually managed to type it in again. I can’t get it to work in any case, unfortunately - I don’t get a response from my Blynk-configured Wemos which works fine with the Blynk app.

Could you please describe steps to reproduce?
Just checked on my device, and token saved successfully. I did the following:
Open Setup Tokens menu
Press Add
Press Name , set name with keyboard, press done - entered text appeared in blue hint under Name
Press Token, set token with keyboard, press done - entered text appeared in blue hint under Token

Click Save
Token saved

Maybe you can try to install alternative keyboard , and try if it resolve the problem.

Finally did you manage to save the token?
What device and Tizen version you use? I will check on emulator.

Thank you

Yup that is what I did but it didn’t save - but later on it worked. Strange. Anyway even after the token is in, it does not work. I tried re-entering in the token a few more times just in case I typed it wrongly. I can’t actually see the full token after it’s entered in as it gets cut off by the round screen so hopefully it’s correct! :slight_smile:

I’m on Tizen at the moment, and Blynk is running on a Wemos D1. The device i’m controlling is on pin D7 on the Blynk app. On GearBlynk I set it to digital, pin 7, and send a 1 or 0. Both don’t do anything when pressed. the watch is connected over wifi and I don’t get any error messages.

Ok. I know that problem with cutting token text on display, this will be resolved in next version. Maybe you can try to add tokens with different names just pressing Add Again when it is saved. The trick here is to provide a different name, and token text will remain from your previous input, this way you see what you entered before and can edit it and rewrite if you was mistaken

Have you tried make requests from browser using blynk api? See my previous comments how to test

Hmm I just tried with my browser and it doesn’t work either! I don’t get any error message, just a blank response.
Looks like it’s Blynk-related then. Maybe I need a newer version on my Wemos - it’s from last year some time.

PRO version released.
Check here:

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Is it possible to change the host from blynk to a local blynk server ?

Hello @Patrick_Schmidt, currenlty not possible. I will research on this.

If I am not mistaking your app is using the API to control the devices.
The API is also available on local Blynk Servers so all you have to do is to add an option where people are able to enter an IP and Port or URL to their Blynk Server and edit the requests.