GearBlynk PRO - standalone app and widget for Samsung smartwatch series

Just released GearBlynk PRO version!
This thread is for PRO version discussion.

project page
youtube demo

PRO version features:

  • Galaxy Watch support
  • Color picker for widget slots
  • 6 widget slots
  • Usability improvements

Share your impressions with #GearBlynk hashtag

Free version discussion here

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version update:
Custom server support added. Now it is possible to use the app with local blynk server.

GearBlynk PRO 1.0.4 has been added to Galaxy Apps store.
Import Token feature has been added. This will save you much time and nerves while adding new tokens.
How it works:

  1. visit
  2. generate short 4-symbol code for your Blynk token
  3. open the app and go to Setup Tokens -> Add -> Import Token
  4. enter generated 4-symbol code and enjoy

Please note that the code generated by will expire in 10 minutes. If you get ‘code expired’ you can generate another code.

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hello, trying to use gearblynk pro with local server working at home but no reaction. token is correct and local ip too. I’v tried all ports avalable in server config but no reaction

Hello, you can try to ask @mugur how to configure
Refer to this topic:

Probably you have wrong setup.

make sure your local server is configured for port 8080 http requests (for example)
then on your watch, when you set the server choose Custom, and address of the server http://your_localserver:port

Also, make sure you are following this:

if you are writing this in your browser
http://your_localserver:your_port/yourauth_token/update/V0?value=1 (or zero or whatever)
where obviously you replace the BOLD characters with your values, your device SHOULD act. if not, look again into your server config file. It has nothing to do with the GearBlynk app or the watch.

OK, thank you.

I’ll try this WE