Example Code for ESp8266, Neopixels and zeRGBa

I have written some Code for ESp8266, Neopixels and zeRGBa…

lots of animations
there are 3 zeRGBa’s connected to V2, V3, V5

Thank you for this contribution :+1:… I have moved it into your own Projects made with Blynk Topic

@Rambooka You may wish to include a QR code for the App layout… I am still working my way through figuring it all out with sliders and step widgets just to determine the correct settings for animations :stuck_out_tongue:

how do you create a QR code of the layout of a blynk app ?

i just googled how to make a QR Code of the layout… the QR Code is now live on github :slight_smile:

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Ah… Nice… I wouldn’t have figured that out very easily :thinking: Thank you!

I now have this running in my 90 LED RGB Shower Project :smile: And working on integrating it with my Solar Monitor / Motorhome RGB Display.

Prepping for my very own New Year’s Eve celebration :stuck_out_tongue: