Forget "Quick and Dirty" Blynk Projects... How about "Quick and Clean"

Just a quick YouTube video update… To save time on this project, the Blynk control I used was from my friend @Jamin’s GitHub page.

I like LEDs… I just don’t want to go too far to enjoy them…

UPDATED - Now with more pictures - click for full size


haha love that its in your shower! i never used a capacitor with my strips… any links to info on that?
those proto boards are handy eh!
and you have to change the menu item to “shower” instead of office on the app lol unless you consider the shower your office :stuck_out_tongue:

I went off the Adafruit sites documentation for both the capacitor on the power and the resistor on the signal… just extra protection for the LEDs

Yup! I just finished making a 2nd power distribution board for further testing on the workbench… that way I just have to pop the Wemos back and forth when it is Power Shower time :stuck_out_tongue: Darnit, I am hooked now… need MOAR Wemosess!

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nizzzeee :smiley: