K.I.T.T. Scanner Enabled Motorhome

Just another simple Blynk controlled LED project.

It is a 1.5 meter, 90 element, RGB LED strip (waterproofed), mounted to an angled aluminum extrusion that happens to clip perfectly over the solar panel frame. Then covered with white hurricane tape for a mild diffuser effect.

It is powered from the 12v batteries (stepped down to 5v) that are charged via the panels. The Wemos D1 Mini can be remotely (using Blynk) turned on and off, or change colours and patterns. And completely remotely programmable (OTA).

Now I just need to swap out for a smaller ESP8266 that can tuck inside the extrusion & thus be fully weather proofed.

EDIT - Brain momentarily activated… since I already have a Wemos running my solar monitor, I can just have it run dual duty and control the LED strip as well… just run three wires (instead of the existing USB extension cable) for 5v,GND and data.

I actually have plans (dreams?) of mounting a selection of ultrasonic sensors along the bottom of the panels… and have the scanner “eye” track anyone walking in front of the motorhome.

Aside from the programming challenge… weatherproofing the sensors will be tricky, although I might simply mount them inside the grillwork instead… but then range is a possible issue.


Is your Pace Arrow full length? :smiley: Sick RV!

Well, it manages to fit in-between the front and back bumpers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … but that’s probably not what you meant.

Yes, sick… In all the meanings of the term… I have had it for nine years, and it keeps me ‘active’ with all the maintenance… I have learned about, and done all my own repairs to plumbing, propane, AC/DC, AirCon, RV appliances, wiring, general construction … even weather control (rain outside is fine… inside not so much :wink: ).

But due it’s age, it has no slide outs… so it is like those U-boat movies where everything is stored in the hallway, bunks and torpedo room, and you have to turn sideways to pass through :smiley: Heck, sometimes I only step out the door when the oxygen is running low and I need to surface to charge the batteries :sunny:


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Name that movie!

It looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it… so I had to go by the title of your picture :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t seen that movie in many years… possibly before I even picked up my own, slightly newer model… but I can guarantee it wouldn’t make it to, let alone away from that biker bar :wink:

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