ESP8266 Pet Feeder with IP Cam Video Streams

I have completed a Pet Feeder controlled by Blynk using an ESP8266 module and monitored over a video stream.
Full details here Pet Feeder

There are options for timed feeds, app feeds and manual feeding from the feeder itself. All feeds are counted and displayed on the app along with a bar showing the feeds remaining in the hopper.

The app also shows the time of last feed in case someone else feeds from another mobile device or indoors.

I have managed to get live video streaming with sound from an old Samsung S3 to monitor the feed bowl. A 2nd camera using IP Cam Pro monitors the room.

This is an easy build as I have used modules as building blocks for the project. Code and clone link on my site.


Nice project! May I ask what pc software is in use for viewing the camera?

Hi I just use Chrome browser on my PC or Android web browser. Any web browser should work.
On my Android mobile I set the interface to Browser and Audio to HTML5.

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Awesome tutorial and project :+1:

Thanks speed57 :slight_smile:

Awesome project!

Thanks Jamin.
I have just noticed my video stream on the app shows Red/Orange as Blue. I think I read about this somewhere on this forum. Will have to look into it.

This is an absolutely great project and tutorial!!! Very clear, concise and informative. Thank you :smiley:

Totally amazing project! Shared on our Social Media channels.

Thank you for posting it here!

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Very nice! Looks like a totally finished project, unlike all my own projects, LOL.


Absolutely amazing! Your attention to detail is quite exceptional, this would be a great project for our house…

Lichtsignaal and DrDigital.

Thanks for your kind comments. :grinning:

Here you go @Shadeyman, a project you can use your stepper motors for. All you need now is a couple of cats :smile::grinning:


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I’ll fill it with sweets for the grand kids … :wink:


This is an awesome project. I’ll admit I’m a novice and very much learning. Thank you for taking the time to explain and give instructions. Did anyone happen to acquire fritzing schematics or something of the sort? Also can someone explain the fusing setup? I’m struggling to find what parts to actually purchase. Either way, I’m gonna try to build this! Thanks again!

Hi letsrollusafa11
Did you look on my site below? Shematics etc should be on the site.
You should be able to get the components off Ebay.

Pet Feeder site

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Sorry my service provider changed my host address.


nice project !

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