Any info on converting IP Cam streams into Video Widget

Brilliant project and tutorial - enabled me to get my first successful video stream to Blynk widget. My test set up was al old cheap Android as the camer with RTSP Camera Server running (as recommended by you!), connected to a Windows phone internet hotspot, the viewing on iPhone via Blynk Video Streaming widget! Thnx!

Do you have any info on converting IP Cam streams to RTSP in a similar mammer? I can view a number of my IP Cams on other apps, but need to convert them to RTSP format - any ideas?

First, the camera pretty much needs to support that output… I suppose a separate VLC setup might convert and retransmit… but oh the hassle and lag :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides… ‘only RTSP’ support is sooo 2017 (as is this topic :wink: ) the Widget now supports more formats, like good old HTTP/S progressive streaming, HTTP/S live streaming

I’ve read that doc, many times, doesnt really tell me much. I can view my cameras via HTTP in Safari on my iPhone, but I need to enter userID /PW - when I enter the same URL in Blynk widget - Error . . .

I’m still searching, experimenting - I know my stream out is good :heavy_check_mark:, I know the widget can work with stream in :heavy_check_mark:, I just need to get my :movie_camera: into Blynk.

Just thought I’d ask, you never know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is becasue the issue isn’t Blynk related… every camera has specific layouts of allowed secure direct connection (NOTE: different from browser connection)… for example one of mine needs this <— this last part is also completely dependent on the cameras internal server

While another might want it something like this

Basicly trial, google, error, repeat again, not a Blynk specific issue, so not much more the docs can help except to show that is is no longer limited to RTSP

Do you enter the user and pwd as part of the url in Safari or as a separate popup request?

If former paste they url syntax that is working with Safari.

If the latter what is the make and model of IP cam you are using?

Yes, I understand its not Blynk related. It’s a highly variable and customisable configuration. I was just asking the OP if he had any experience/luck with an IP Cam, given his tutorial was excellent, I thought it worth asking.

I’ll continue on my journey, thnx for the userID/PW tips.

Well, he used an old cell phone with the IP Cam App (I also use it) and it usually requires the format I showed above… but a dedicated IP cam may be completely different, even amongst models. Googling the make/model number for URL format might help.

Do you enter the user and pwd as part of the url in Safari or as a separate popup request?

Popup request.

Well, he used an old cell phone with the IP Cam App

Yes, I got that working too.

My IPCams are cheap eBay generic/unknown brand, uses generic drivers (IPCAM1, IPCAM2). I have a couple of Sricam HD cams also that I might play around with, I’m not at home at the moment so limited with changes I can make.

Here’s about 100 url’s for you to try for the Sricam

You need to find a make / model for the generic cams or try a few thousand url combinations.

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What is the actual syntax for the generic and Sricam that you are using in Safari?

@Bill_Donnelly I moved all this into your own topic for better clarity… the other OP will still get your questions :slight_smile:

Success, generic, unknown brand, unknown driver, unknown video format, cheap eBay IP Cam . . . now streaming to Blynk Video Widget on iPhone.

How I did it.

  1. Discussion and learning from posts in this topic.
  2. I needed to determine what how to enter UserID and PW in video widget URL box?
  3. I needed to determine what video format/syntax to enter into URL?

ISPYCONNECT have an excellent resource ( ), however with that huge number of possibilities and variables it could have taken days and I may still not hit the correct combination of variables for my specific camera, so I deciced to start with what I knew.

  1. I knew the correct IP address and port because I could successfully view the camera on another iPhone APP. I could also view the camera on a PC browser (Chrome) using the URL.
  2. After inspecting html source and image in the browser I was able to determine that the URL for the Blynk Video widget is:

I plugged that into the Blynk widget and voila!

I’ll post some detailed screenshots later tonight.



Hi Bill. Glad you found my project useful.
I am not much of an expert on this subject but as I had so many problems getting the video feed to work I documented it in my project.

Looks like form the comments below there are more formats supported now and you have expert help on hand.

What is the brand and model of your ip camera?
For example one of my generic chinese no name camera has: rtsp:// yourcameraip/11 for main stream and …/22 for secondary stream.

Edit: no user/pass and still works…

read comments - solved


Hi, just a doubt, the blynk app mobile and the camera are on same network or you have the camera on other network?

Hey I know this one, now!! … meens question, not doubloon :stuck_out_tongue:



External network - BUT I port-forwarded the local IP/port on my router to make it available externally, it wont happen automatically.

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