ESP8266 blynk notification went off suddenly

I have 3 devices (ESP8266) using the same Template ID, Device Name, and AuthToken.
All 3 are working fine.
The power supply for all of them is also working perfectly.
Everything was working great from January 2023 until last week.

Suddenly, a notification appears as shown in the images below (went offline).

And everything stops working.

Nothing was changed, it just started to happen.

Is there any plausible reason for this instability?

Attached are photos.

You should read these topics…

What your are doing isn’t how Blynk was ever meant to be used, and this practice is now no longer allowed by Teheran Blynk servers.


Ok I got it. One auth token for each ESP8266.

My license allows up to 10 devices.

Just add 3 devices and copy each auth token for each source code of each ESP8266 that the problem will be solved?

Yes, the three devices will be allowed to be online at the same time.
You’ll have three devices in your app then, all with the same dashboard layout, but displaying data from their specific device.


Thank you very much!

A lot of peace!

I made the modification and actually three devices appeared in the app, and the three share the same template.

But each device, that is, each ESP8266 is connected to a specific circuit.

Each ESP8266 has its sensors on different pins.

What I noticed was: When I enter device 1, the template is the same but I only have access to the variables that are declared in the source code of the respective device. The other two devices I don’t have access to.

To access device 2, I need to enter device 2 in the APP. Then I will only have access to the variables linked to that device. The template is the same but I no longer have access to devices 1 and 3.

The same happens when I enter device 3, I only have access to everything that is declared in its source code. Access to variables of the devices 1 and 2 is inoperative.

There was segmentation.

This is not good, at least for me.

I would like to have access to the 3 devices in the same template without having to enter the specific device.

I hope you understood me.

And I’m waiting for a solution.

I explained that…

which is exactly what you’ve described.

The simple solution is to change your sketches, so that they all use the same virtual pins to send their data, and change your template so that it only displays data from one device.
You’ll then have three devices on your front screen in the app, and you can tap one to see the data for that device.
If you have a key piece of data that you want to display for each device (lets say it’s a temperature reading) then you can add this to each device “tile” like this…


If you need all the data in one place then you’ll need to have an additional device, and send the data to this device from the other three devices. This can be done with Automations if you’re happy with updates of 1 minute or more, otherwise you’ll need to use one of these options…


Can you give me an example? Please.

If you’re not understanding the possible solutions then I don’t think posting a random example is going to help.

It would be far better if you provided full details of what each your devices do, post the code from at least two of them, post details of all the datastreams that are configured in your template, post details of your current mobile dashboard, and post details of what your minimum acceptable functionality is regarding the mobile app.