No longer able to have 3 arduinos controlled by a single virtual pin?

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Wemos D1 mini over WIFI
IOS 16.6
Blynk IOT Server

I am having a problem where I can no longer connect my 3 wemos d1 mini arduinos to 1 device controller in the app nor the webdashboard. I have 3 wemos d1 minis connected to leds that have their brightness controlled by virtual pin v0. It was working on version 1.2.0 of blynk. Now I can only connect to the device that was most recently connected (only 1 at a time). For example if I reset arduino #1 it will control arudino #1 but then I reset arduino #2, then arduino #1 stops responding to virtual pin updates but the code continue to works.

I read the 1.3.0 Github but I doesnt seem like anything would affect my code. Also I read some other fourms and the mods said to just use the same AUTH code in all 3 devices (which worked for me in 1.2.0)

You should read this…

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