Blynk device constantly Offline!


I have an ES32 Blynk device (arduino code) that I’m sending sensor data from my device (temp, humid etc) to the cloud and receiving button presses from the console (mobile app and web) to my device in order to turn on/off a few relays.

It was working flawlessly for more that 2 years now but suddenly 5 days ago it stoped working! My device sends data to the blynk cloud perfectly even now, as I’m plotting them into graphs on the console. The Blynk connection status is always connected too (every one minute I’m polling the connection status and printing it on the serial port)!

But inside the console (web and mobile app) the Device status is always Offline and that disables me of sending button presses into my device. If I reset the ESP32 then the device goes online for a minute or so and then again offline. Again I can send temp and humidity data even with offline status!

I changed the heartbeat variable from 10 all the way up to 300 but nothing changed!

Any help?

PS: Im running the latest Blynk Arduino Library and ESP32 library!

Do you have more than one ESP32 that is using the same Auth token?


Oh no! Probably yes!

I have another ESP32 device and I was using it together with the one I am mentioning. Its in the same network, same area. It was working fine for the same period of time!

PS: Yes, its using the same Auth Token (I just take o look)! And probably has an old Blynk Library too!
Can I overcome this problem somehow or the only solution is to change the Auth token?


Thank you Pete!

It seems that even with the free plan I can use two devices but with different Auth tokens - in the same template!

I have to update the code of the one device now… sadly this is 3 hours drive as I haven’t implement any over the air update!

Or I will go with the Plus… to give me more room for experiments!

Make sure you understand the implications of this. I explained it in one of the topics I linked to, but the user didn’t understand what I was saying and they didn’t get the result they expected/wanted.

Time to implement OTA at the same time?
You can do this with Blynk.Air using the minimal code, but it’s worth doing comprehensive testing first…


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