Desire to run more than one Video Widget at a time in a single tab

This is not an urgent issue… but as I was toying with the idea of a dual camera setup on my Blynkified Rover (Gunnerator), I started playing with layout options in the App…

This is when i realised that while I can have two (or probably more) Video Widgets… only one at a time will work if they are on the same tab, generally whatever one was created or moved there last. The other just remains blank with the juggling.

Can this option be made possible?

Android App - v2.16.0
Android device / version - Any that I have tried
Video stream - Any that I have tried
Local Server - server-0.28.3-java8.jar

I know I said not urgent… but a little feedback would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone else even tried to run more than one video feed in a tab? Perhaps it is just something on my end.

OK, I have played around a bit with this… and basicly I think there is simply a built in limitation that whenever switching to the tab that contains the Video widget, that is when it starts up… and apparently if there is more than one widget, it simply starts the last one placed and ignores any others, which is why it appears to support multiple widgets… as long as they are in different tabs as it starts the stream each time you switch.

So probably not a bug, just a design characteristic…

In my use case I would like the option of dual (or more) camera views in a single tab… drive one way (forward cam), look another (pan & tilt cam), but see both views at same time while controlling both on my rover.

So I am switching this to the App feature wish list :smiley:

Yep, I’m working on an updated video support, that should support several video widgets on one tab (and be more stable than the current one). I could attach later a test build here.

You could try to test this build, it has newer version of video lib and at least in my test has played several videos simultaneously:

I sent you a couple of log file emails with screenshots.

Getting better, at least in the sense that dual streams worked…ish… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Picky to get started, very laggy and doesn’t scale with widget window size.

I will try to test on a newer tablet to see if newer hardware and Android version make a difference.

Of course a newer tablet displays dual video properly scaled and with less lag… duh… If it ain’t working, throw more horsepower at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad, because the previous tablet is designated as the main rover controller and works perfectly with one video stream.

Ok, I’ll investigate this issue, I also had the issue with not scaling video on some streams.

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Heh, I’ve tried again to update video support, could you check a new build:

I can’t say for sure what is happening… but when running this build on one of my tablets, all the rest of my phones/tablets start lagging and sometimes stop working altogether, even when on different projects. I think I successfully sent a crash report from one of the “normal” Apps… it kept crashing when writing the report :stuck_out_tongue:

And still only one video at a time in a tab… when it works.

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Was this build installed on all the devices that had started lagging?

No, this test build was just freshly installed on my one tablet (Samsung Note8 - 4.4.2) that I normally use for my Rover… the one where I want dual cameras for forward and reverse views.

As soon as I force stop the App, the rest of my devices behave normally.

I was using the same account as all my others… the only account I have actually… perhaps I should create a seperate one for this test? EDIT - I will try again with my cloud account instead of my LS.

I have no idea how one version of the app running on one device could cause lagging on the other (or even same) version on other devices, could it be a connectivity issue in the network?

Possibly if the test version is really hitting the system? I have it running on my Cloud account now… (as the only active project) and obviously not interfering with anything else anymore :slight_smile: but still only one video widget at a time per tab is working.

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Heh, it seems it worked on mine device with two different videos, but one of them wasn’t a RTSP stream. Ok, I’ll continue to investigate this issue, this build will go to release in a week or two, as it contains several fixes to ANR issues with video playback. We’ll check several devices on one account case on our side too, who knows what it could be.

Howa are you how you solv this topi problem ?

You can try our new beta which contains another implementation for video support that should allow normal work of several video streams: Android Beta 2.28.0