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Really nice one. Like!

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Very nice and clever way to show the RSSI signal.
Well done!

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You can use level widget for that…

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Nice thanks for sharing. but blynk really need the phone wifi rssi signal widget for triggers.

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Could you please provide a few general practical use cases, where signal strength can be used as a trigger? And also why is it better than track this parameter on the hardware side?


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Hello all, I recommended @Blynk_Coeur start a topic like I had done in the past… To show off his unique ways of using code and special characters to enhance existing widgets with various aesthetics.

I feel one can take these methods and use them for whatever applications they wish, not just as a WiFi indicator or whatever…

Looking forward to more!

PS, as he adds more topics… with permission and if needed… I can, over time, clean up this topic to keep the focus on the example posts. Meanwhile support his posts with Likes! :smiley:

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yes but level widget is uggly for that :scream::joy:

Thank you for your professional help!

I don’t know if my widget is useful or if it’s just a gadget.
but it just makes my dashboard look prettier !
so … what else :wink:

yes gunner, clean all than you want, I agree.


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I might wait for you post a few more additions… meanwhile lets let others express their interests, suggestions and questions before I clean up. And I don’t want to delete developer posts unless they authorize.

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For example when I going to my room with smartphone in my hand the wifi signal goes to -70dbm then the room light can be turning on with wifi signal measurement. The google is developed this feature in android 9.

@ErfanDL just to clarify… this topic is NOT about a WiFi trigger like in your topic… it is about using code, special characters (unicode), etc. to make unique looking displays. The WiFi strength indicator above is a demonstration showing device WiFi strength, but can be easily adapted to another variable.


thank you @Dmitriy

Nice man…

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