WiFi strength widget

it’s a good idea adding smartphone wifi strength widget to the app. we can use as trigger for projects. for example if wifi signal go to -70 dBm then turning on room light :wink:


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What’s wrong with level widget? Or gauge for that matter…or even labeled value…
You can use any of them for what you said.

Level widget can’t measure smartphone wifi strength !

Rather impractical I think… hold your phone the wrong way and your lights flicker :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a proximity type trigger, use GPS trigger.

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The widget does not have to measure anything. You need a simple line of code to display wifi strenght on your level display

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Rather impractical I think… hold your phone the wrong way and your lights flicker :stuck_out_tongue:
but GPS not worked under the roof ! :smiley:

then how esp8266 can measure smartphone wifi strength from the router ?

Since an ideal WiFi should not drop that low until you left the house anyhow, same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, unless you can come up with a valid use case that others agree with, the developers are not likely to take notice, let alone take the time to develop… unless of course they also want to have flickering lights :rofl:

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I think this idea has a good future, Google has put this feature on Android P


Any chance for this widget?

I think it’s a good idea that can be used for lots of home automation projects. I’m trying to make a project for notifying when I’ve left my garage door open, but I need a way that it knows when I’m not at home - such as my wifi signal looses contact with my phone… this would be a perfect idea. Or when I get home, my heaters turn on ect…

Good idea I think

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GPS Trigger - Introduction - Blynk Documentation

! Thanks. Ha! I knew about the GPS widget but didn’t actually read what it does.

Thanks very much. I do still think the Wi-Fi strength widget has merit.

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