Checking different authentication tokens for the same project

Hi, I am currently doing a project that requires multiple users to be able to access the features of my system.

I was wondering if there was a way that would allow a user on a different device with the same project set up (ie same widgets, pins, etc) to access the board. The method i was considering was checking the authentication code provided to my account and if that cannot connect it will then try the authentication code prodived to another account. Im not very adept with blynk so if someone can point me towards any useful fuctions or blynk modules it would be a great help.

Thank you

I think this is possible.
You can try and use similar approach of

  1. AutoReConnect to enable autoconnect to which server/token is available.
  2. BlynkESP32_BT_WF library to enable dynamic reconfiguration of multiple tokens for a board.

Certainly you have to write your code to adapt to your use case.

Blynk has the facility for you to share your project.
Sharing costs a one-off payment of 1000 energy units.
Once shared, you are the ‘owner’ of the project and only you have full editing capability. Other users, who you allow to share the project, can use it as normal, but they can’t put it into edit mode to make changes to the widgets etc.
When you edit the master copy, all changes are reflected in the shared copies without the need for any further action.

Sharing has a couple of drawbacks…
When you put the master project in edit mode then shared users won’t be able to use it. They’ll get a project unavailable message.
Also, there is currently no way to know who has taken an action such as moving a slider widget or switching a switch widget. You don’t have any simple security features that allow you to lock down a ‘settings’ tab - although there are workarounds for this.
Also, when trying to do things like using geo positioning data of users devices it gets a bit messy.

There are two other approaches you can take…

Cloning the project, which gives the person a copy of the widget layout into their own Blynk account. This requires them to have enough energy credits to buy the widgets in use, and they would then get an Auth code of their won to use in their code. This approach is useful if you want to share your app layout with forum users so that they can make a totally independent version of the project, or simply as a way of taking a backup of your own project to be able to revert back to.

The other one is simply signing-in to the project with your own credentials on another person’s device. This gives them EXACTLY the same rights as you. They can edit or delete the project and make as mess as they wish. It’s a handy approach if you want the same thing on multiple devices of your own, or if you have a user that you trust fully. Probably bets not to take this approach with your ‘significant other’ is you want marital harmony to persist.


The sharing aspect sounds more like what i would be going for but ive used up all my energy allowance at the moment, this id like to use as last case scenario before paying in case there a coding method of working around it.

Signing in using the exact same credentials is the method we are using right now but we want to show that a single account is not being used across the board.

Cloning was the thought i had, if there was a method of checking the authentication code that is assigned to my account and if that doesnt connect then to check the authentication code given to the next users account. I am just unaware of anything i could use to check “if connection is established…Blynk.begin(), else check next code”.