Can i send audio through blynk?

Hey guys, im trying to record and play audio through blynk. Can you help me please with the right devices or a good tutorial?
For now i have this device’s:

So you think that it is possible to record and play audio with this device’s or i need something else?

The first module looks the most promising.
You’d need to link it to a board that capable of running Blynk, such as a NodeMCU.

If you’re hoping to speak into your phone and have the device re-play your words then that’s not going to happen.
The best you could expect if for Blynk to trigger the NodeMCU to command the audio boar to either make a recording, or play-back an existing recording.
In this scenario, Blynk would be acting in rather a dumb way, simply remotely triggering the NodeMCU to activate the audio board.

There are a number of other topics such as this:

and this:

That may help you to understand what is possible.