Camera pi connect to Raspberry with Blynk

Hi All,

I would like to connect the Pi camera to Raspberry and see it on my iPhone. Please let me know how to make it work and able to see on iPhone?



First you need to choose a language to use on the RPi… I recommend NodeJS or possibly Python.

I then recommend you start simple and learn how to use Blynk to do something easy like blink LEDs, virtual on the App or physical on the GPIO pins…

Getting into using the Pi Camera with Blynk (or anything) is a bit more advanced and requires coding (it is NOT controlled by Blynk itself)… Google for way to control, take pictures and/or stream video using the language of choice (Again, this is NOT a Blynk thing).

Then with Blynk, you can display the video stream via the Video Widget… no way yet of displaying a static image, but you can probably have it emailed or something.

Thanks, Gunner for quick reply. I have done connecting LED with Blynk and it working. My next step need connect the Pi camera to Raspberry to see live camera on iPhone, so that I can see where my toy car can drive by Iphone. I have simple python work on pi camera and display on the monitor. How do I connect to the Blynk app to view on the iPhone ?


With Blynk Python, start here…

Ans search this forum for keywords like Python for what little else there is… it is in Alpha after all.

Also, as stated… there is currently NO way to display a static image on Blynk… but if you can set up code for a video stream, then you should be able to see the stream in the App with the above mentioned Video Widget.

Then if you integrate whatever python video streaming code you find with the Blynk library, you should be able to control basic starting and stopping of the stream (if the code provides for that) from the App…

Perhaps even control the car from Blynk (via python)… sky’s the limit with a bit of coding. However we do not teach programming here, so you will need to learn on your own… just as I slowly am :slight_smile:

Thanks, Gunner. Do you have camera library on Blynk right? When you have add on camera on Blynk app?


Again… There is NO camera library for Blynk… you need to find and use some other code to get your camera to work on the RPi…

Thanks, Gunner. How can I control the motor and video at the same time on Blynk?

OK, last time :stuck_out_tongue: There is no magic widget that will do either… you have to learn how to program control and processing routines for both… at least to a small degree, in order to use/merge examples found on the internet.

Then you can add in Blynk as a GUI to run those programs and processes.

For use on the RPi, I personally I recommend using and learning NodeJS