Buying a new device for $5

Hello, I made a device for heat and humidity at home. I want to buy a new device at a price of 5 dollars to make a device for watering plants. Are there days and the device stops working or is the purchase for life

What plan are you using ?

Blynk appear to have removed the option to buy additional devices for a one-off payment of $4.99.

The Free plan now comes with 2 devices and the Plus plan has 10 devices.

There was an announcement about this from @MariiaDrozhak the other day, but then the post was quickly deleted for some reason.

Personally, I think this is a bad decision by Blynk, as it penalises the maker community, but maybe they saw it as a loophole in their pricing plan which allowed people to use the Free and Plus plans in a way that they weren’t intended to be used.


Yes, unfortunately it’s a pro plan feature only.

This is really… really bad news :ok_man:t2:
Just saw the pricing list

We cannot add new devices anymore !!

First of all there were only handful of widgets and now they are taking away the ability to even add new devices :man_facepalming:t2:. This is a huge bummer.

Who pays a subscription just to play with blynk or make few devices for their own use ??

I am feeling frustrated to see these lame moves. I have never come across such fickle minded people !!
I suggest blynk team to take a 6 month break!! Travel !! Breathe some fresh air and get back to work. May be then they could make few sensible decisions. Or else they would shortly tell only “WHITE LABLE PLAN” is available, subscribe to it with in a week or else your existing devices will stop :man_facepalming:t2:.

Here we were requesting blynk team to provide an option in the free plan to add widget with some added cost. And now THIS :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:….

Total madness.


@Madhukesh you might want to re-read the community guidelines then edit your post to make it more appropriate…


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     Blynk want to push the makers way he can increase the $5 if that is not enough. How can we run commercial on 255 widgets

255/20users = 12widget. Blynk with you we learn automation don’t push as away we are here to do business with you

I’m not sure but I guess it’s 255 widgets per template.

I pray so. My brother

Yeah me too brother.

Read this :

I’m not sure but I guess it’s 255 widgets per template.

It’s per template. To be more accurate, it is per device dashboard in template, cause we’re rolling out Pages soon, which are part of the template, but have own limits.

That’s what I heard.


@Eugene thanks for supporting buddy. :+1:

Thank you blynk team for this unfair decision against us I had migrated from cayenne to blynk not long ago and now I will migrate from blynk

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@ebda3 Why are you angry man, calm down.

No I’m not angry :joy: @John93

I am not finding anything wrong in what i am saying. I just expressed my feelings. As you said they created a topic later edited it and later closed it and now deleted the topic. I also contacted the concerned person regarding the same ! But no reply. When they are so much confused they must first sought it out. First of all most of the features are under development no documentations for many aspects. But they are already making huge changes on the subscription plans.

And BTW i am not using any vulgar words. FICKLE is just a synonym for confused. There is nothing to get offended off !?!

And you are telling me to go through guidelines :joy: omg… :joy:

Lets see what Blynk team has to say on this. Why are you feeling bad on that… no hard feelings… btw i am a fan of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: most likes given is only to you :heart:

It’s about the tone of your words, they don’t come across as friendly or polite.
You didn’t just use the word “fickle” on its own, you said “fickle minded people” along with the word “lame”.
These terms may not seem derogatory to you, but to native English speakers they don’t come across as friendly and in keeping with the guidelines of the forum.

I’m trying to give you friendly and constructive feedback about your post, and the opportunity to amend what you said - and hopefully get you to think about the tone of future posts.
If you don’t want to take that on board then that’s not a problem to me, but don’t be surprised if your posts get deleted, or your forum account is suspended by one of the moderators or Blynk staff - especially if someone hits the “flag post” button.


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Anyways i dont wanna argue on this. May be some day when things get even uglier with other changes made in the subscription !! Then few may express even more… lets see where this goes…

I seriously have nothing to loose. I just drop by daily to see if i can learn new things and share something what i know. I dont use social media like insta or FB… i jump in here… if it gets suspended no problem. I stream line my time in something even more useful. Just because they suspend the account i cannot stop expressing my feeling/frustration.

It is not criticise anyone !! As you said “TONE” - yes tone is the way to express. Just like freedom of speech.

To be honest i have flagged many posts like- when someone shouts around “Stop bitching” to you when you tell them to format their code. I know what should n what should not be in the forum. I am not here from a week or 2 as you know.

TONE helps the opposite person to really understand what we are upset of.

We scold mend our children with a TONE. Only then they understand that we are angry on them. Using a softer tone does not help here !!

Just an example Blynk team are not kid/children :joy:

Anyways i am not here to point out or degrade someone. No hard feelings please.

To be honest i have my pro plan at free of cost from Blynk team… i need not rise voice over the subscription fee, widget, number of user seat etc etc… i am getting everything free of cost.

I talk because i need more people to come n join blynk rather than going in search of other platforms.

I treat this like it is my own forum i visit daily. I want this to grow larger everyday. But changes made suddenly on subs will disappoint large number of people and tend to leave the platform. Which i feel bad.

I am not here to prove myself right. I felt like to share it with you people.

If my account gets suspended as @PeteKnight always suggests Node-red !! I will jump in their and start to learn things there along with Gunner :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi Blynkers!

With these conditions, they lose a lot of customers. $ 59 was a hasty decision. The old Blynk had greatness in its simplicity. I’m starting to think it’s not worth that much. No proper support! The procedure for converting old sketches is not specified. Not simple!
I have recommended Blynk to dozens of customers. They will be disappointed! No proper documentation! Must be served! We paid for it! Much better conditions were provided at Blynk Legacy!
The Blynk Legacy should have a subscription!
I love the Blynk Legacy!

Thx, Zoltán.

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