Buying a new device for $5

Have you read this…


Dear Pete!

Does not work. It’s not enough. I’ve been trying for 3 days. This is incredible!

I’d suggest that you start a new topic and post your code and the issues that you are experiencing.


In my career I have had the pleasure of working alone as an electronic entrepreneur and then working for a fortune 50 kind of company. There are many more false starts for entrepreneurs than for a corporation with teams checking each other and offering suggestions. I do not personally know the overall team size of Blink, but I bet it is pretty small. Therefore I give them a lot of slack and am thankful that there is still a place for makers and tinkerers.

I had 4 devices running simultaneously on Blynk 0.1 and converted over to Blynk IOT in about a day. It has been running very stably for 6 or so weeks on Blynk IOT (formerly V2.0) (haha :slight_smile: an example there of iterative refinement. … a big company would have gotten the version names settled from the get go and not changed them… but is it really an deal breaker for us? I think not.)

Blynk allows me to do things I only dreamed of 5 years ago. I am happy, and thankful.


It’s not. There 2 reasons why we removed this option:

  • Nobody buys it. For the last 3 months, we got almost nothing in a single device purchase. So looks like this option is useless. Those who have many devices buy PLUS right away, those who don’t want to pay don’t buy a single device (this option was designed specifically for these users, but they don’t use it).
  • PRO/PLUS users are confused with “buy single device” option. It’s not clear to them. It’s more convenient for them to buy subscription packets like 10devices subscription, 20 devices subscription, etc.

So we did that.

Hi Dmitriy
I we need $5 per device the Blynk 2.0 has just come out and there’s know demo on it
We are trying our very best to understand it before pushing our money in

I think Blynk has to come out with a demo
We are here to do business with Blynk

Un like Blynk legacy you can buy energy with mobile money from your phone buying a new device is not like Please we need it back with the widgets (you can do $7 know problem)

I think it’s quite early to say at this stage.
There seem to be many makers on the forum who are experimenting with Blynk ioT and deciding whether or not it’s practical for them to migrate their Legacy projects. I’d expect many of these to need the full set of widgets, so to go for the Plus subscription, and this would probably be adequate (and affordable) for them in the future. But, if you make it impossible for them to add more devices in future then I doubt that they’ll consider the Pro plan to be a practical option just to get a few more devices.


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I guess this is too early to take a firm decision on !! Still many like me are still in love with Blynk legacy… so we need time to accept that the old one will be no longer in service n need to make a transition to the new platform.

For example i have 4-5 devices running on legacy as we speak. So once the service is stopped on old platform i will start buying new devices on new platform.

My opinion is to wait for few more months before coming to a decision.

For makers it will be very tough to pay a subscription. YES Blynk is focusing only on business, but i request you to have soft corner for MAKERS .

This decision will chase away the MAKERS at Blynk community !! What do you think about this ?


Mr Dmitriy bring it back please

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What is the final decision on this topic

Only time can answer.

Hi guys,

Thank you all for a feedback. I’m so glad we have a vocal community which freely expresses their thoughts on the product.

You might think that we are hitting on makers, but it’s not true. We are actually optimizing the pricing based on data we have. Sorry for the slow communication due to the autumn load. Here is a quick summary before the official announcement.

  1. Individual devices is an unpopular item, we only got a handful of purchases. Data shows almost no demand.
  2. However, PLUS plan proved itself to be a good combination of price and features. We see good feedback and see people buying it.
  3. We increased FREE plan to 2 devices. All users of Blynk 2.0 will get an additional device. Throughout the years, our data has shown that majority of makers (on both Blynk 1.0 and Blynk 2.0) work mostly with one device. So this increase is favorable for makers: for example, you can test Automations between 2 devices without a need to pay for anything.

We will continue optimizing the packaging to find a balance that works for everyone, so nothing is carved in stone.

We also have a really exciting new feature coming out. Stay tuned for the the news this week. It’s something really new and pretty cool!

My request is to bring back the device purchase @4.99$ that was really cool… many of my friends group were really happy with that option.


Yeah, I totally agree with you bro.
And if they add the ability to purchase more user seats in the plus plan, that will be epic.


It is my request too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



How about you ask our community members to poll or take a survey !? So that you can get a clear picture on what users are looking for.


Great idea bro.

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Guys, if it was such a great option, why nobody was buying it? :man_shrugging:

It seems that they were not liking it as much as you thought…

Please provide an example of a personal use where you need more than 10 users?