Blynk 2.0 and digital pins

Hi all I’m using a sketch for a garage door opener and I’ve just migrated over to the new blink 2.0 and it’s using a digital pin I was under the impression that digital pins are not supported with 2.0 is that correct?

Can we see your sketch so we have a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish?
Generally speaking: Virtual Pins > Digital Pins but I’m not going to lay that down as an iron law without knowing what you are doing.

Digital pins have now been implemented in Blynk IoT, but I have issues with the way that it’s been done.

If you read this, you’ll understand why I say this…

In my opinion, virtual pins are far superior to using digital pins…


My sketch is working fine with virtual pins and digital pins I’m just asking because I was told that 2.0 does not support digital pins
But I just found out that they have been implemented in 2.0
So all good😀

Not necessarily!


What do you mean I’m only using one Digital pin D1 for a push switch is that going to be a problem in the future?

Did you read the first link I provided, where I highlighted the disparity between the available digital and analog pins in the datastream setup, and the physical capabilities of the various board types?

Can you see how the current implementation of digital and analog pins is totally different to Blynk Legacy, where chang8ng the board type changed the list of available pins to match the physical capabilities of the board type in use?

If it’s not currently a problem (have you actually tested it?) then I’d guess that at some point in the future Blynk will have to change the way that digital and analog pins work, so that they match the capabilities of the board type that is chosen. Whether this will break, or change, the way that digital pins work in Blynk IoT I don’t know - but I wouldn’t be surprised.

The bottom line is that there is no situation where an virtual pin can’t be used in place of a digital pin in Blynk, and virtual pins work well and reliably, so I’d recommend that you go down that route.