Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.2


I didn’t get superchart issue - could you record a video of it?

And, if possible, please also make a screenshot of ''Tabs name disappearing"? I remember about this issue, but could not reproduce it with my devices.


Hmmm, latest iteration of the Beta App “lost” all my Image Widget vPin and URL settings in every project using it… No way am I again manually reloading my 209 images for my tachometer… until the ability to do such from code is implemented :disappointed: No more vroom vroom


We are sorry for such experience. I do not think it is connected to beta build, as images list could be changed only via settings or setproperty command, any chance you tried old app’s version (before image widget) with this profile?


Well it happened yesterday? (my days are mixed up) whenever the last update happened… I just didn’t mention it right away as I was too tired to care :stuck_out_tongue: And it happend with all projects that had images… even ones I hadn’t used in the last few weeks. All my phones/tablets are running current beta builds.

Not a big deal (to me) as nothing I use them for is mission critical. But this is a good opportunity to request the ability to “side load” as many new images as needed into unused spots… current Blynk.setProperty(V0, "urls", "", "", ""... method stops at around 30 or so??


Hmmm, now that I think about it… I do have a App Cloning … er, app… that I recently ran for a screenshot, but only on one project that doesn’t even have a Image Widget. Are you saying that just logging in with an older App version can affect ALL account projects, even if never viewed let alone used?


I had exactly the same problem with cloning 1 month ago.


It is possible for the image widget, as its old version without images list has been in the app for a long time (while not being available to select), so it is possible that it have been affected, as the widget fields has changed and app could notice that it has some wrong setup and resave it.


I’ve uploaded new beta build. Changes:

  • BLE support for Blynk Library 0.6.0, older versions are back compatible too, but from now it would be better to use latest Blynk library for BLE/Bluetooth.
  • ActionBar’s title’s text size increase - mostly for large screen devices and tablets. In next version I’ll update also tabs’ text size for better UI on tablets and other large screen devices.


Hello sir, look at this, as it doesn’t support video here I’ve uploaded two gif. It sometimes lag to show the live values & on this lag time it just missed that part to show live values. And also when I transition from Live to other (like 15m, 30m, 1h etc.) & came back to live again it just missed those readings on the live part too. That is, it doesn’t show values continuously all the time.

And I have no idea for what the tab name actually disappears. Next time if it disappears again I’ll inform u & please fix these bug in live chart. Thank u :slight_smile:


I am experiencing some LED widget color issues when trying to program the color of the LED from my microcontroller. I am using the color code stipulated in Blynk docs:

The colors don’t correspond on the widget according to the above. For example, yellow is actually orange, and dark blue is actually purple/violet.

  1. You can always check color hex: for example, this yellow -
  2. Different displays could show colors differently.


I was having issues connecting to Blynk via BLE from the previous update. This beta version appears to have resolved the issue. Before using this update i was using a HC 05 bluetooth classic module and noticed that my project would connect to Blynk via this module whether my auth token matched or not. This is still the case with this beta version. When using BLE, however, my project only connects if the auth token is correct. I did not see mention of this before and thought it worth while to mention here.

Also, i noticed that the connection by Bluetooth classic has become quite unstable in this beta version. My project updates values for a few seconds and then does not seem to receive information but i am able to send data to my project ( which i have configure to switch on an LED to test the comms). When i connect my project to another device with the latest non beta version of Blynk, i have a stable Bluetooth classic comms. So its probable there is a bug in the beta version.


If you have issue with beta build - please send us logs from it: open about screen (info button on projects list screen) and click on ‘send logs’, select Gmail app and send the email with the log file. For Bluetooth classic issue - please start the project, reproduce the connection lost and send us the logs.

All sketches should have correct auth token (it is a default task for any sketch), it is strange that it worked for you before without correct token.


For bluetooth sketch are you using latest blynk library 0.6.0 or older?


Thankfully I made that QR here… it retained all my URLs :smiley: Vroom Vromm


I’m uploading new beta build with only one change - fix to Bluetooth connectivity, looks like it happens due to backward compatibility old login command, that stops sketch logic. I’ve added some fixes to it, but if would not help - I will remove backward compatibility.


I will do that as soon as i get the chance to

i am using the the library on Particle’s IDE, 0.5.4. Is there a way to upgrade it?

Thank you, i will give it a try and return with feedback.



I’ve thought the log I received was from you) Looks like somebody else sent the log, in any way - I’ve made some additional fixes.


Thanks, but how will this work on Particles web IDE?