Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.2

  • Dashboard layout: variable rows amount (on devices like Pixel 2 XL, Samsung S9, etc.), drag/resize support fixes for the smartphones with disabled animations, double click on a widget should show the resize frame
  • Better color picker
  • Image Widget: refresh memory cache on images changes via set property commands
  • Super Chart: fix for not drawing lines bug
  • Device Tiles: Map widget support for templates, support for tile’s widgets selection to be used in home screen widgets
  • BLE support fixes
  • UI fixes and improvements

This update does not require server’s version update in the case of the local server setup.


it is a very good improvement !!


but now, the gauge always keeps the same color :fearful:

Ah, yes… it looks like we lost the colour gradient options?

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Hm, I’ll check they should be available

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What’s Android version is on your device - alpha slider looks bad and incorrect.

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Gauge changes colors on my side, how to reproduce this behavior?

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That might be due to the gif… it looks smoother in all my devices. Although the transparency can be a bit distracting.

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as @Gunner said , we lost the colour gradient options.
last Android beta

Lost color changeing. Must selecting another color then back to the first color to apply changes.

On which widgets color selection is not working? I could not reproduce such behavior.

Does anybody have such UI of the alpha slider?

yes I have this one.

But you first gif looks much different, do you use different devices and they heave different look of this element?

my gif image is a screenshot from nox player

Got it, as I remember it is on Android 6?

I’ve fixed gradient, after alpha slider height fix I’ll upload new beta build.

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Please also fix transparency of the drawer background. It should be solid color. Thanks!

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yes Android 6 on both, my phone and my nox player.

we are talking about those color gradients.


Yep, they are already fixed. I’ll make a post here when I’ll upload a new beta build.

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