Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.1


The data on most of my blynk widgets in all m y projects are taking a while to refresh with this version of the beta. Anyone else finding this issue?


you lost :rofl:


I see… cool. 3rd party app or built into NOX? And which version NOX?

That would help in my static wall mount type display needs… but pinning my whole PC monitor on the wall is not a suitable solution :stuck_out_tongue:


with nox 6.2.5 android 5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
only for static wall mount, runs on my tablet too :smile:


I totally forgot… I still have the licenced Ultimate Rotation Control App. Sometimes I just need a reminder :smiley:


After… :heart_eyes:

It is even running the Beta App… so sorta qualifies for this topic :innocent:


but we are still waitting for blynk landscape mode :wink:


I don’t need it anymore so you can wait :rofl: this is all I needed for now!

And here I was thinking on using Virtuino for this display, for just this affect… Now to fiddle with the layout a bit, to spice it up.

Thanks for the reminder :+1:


I got a chance to confirm that 2.27.1 does not get past the bouncy dots on Android 8.1.0 on a Note9. Downgrading to 2.27.0 works fine. I repeated this test multiple times. Is no one else running Android 8.1.0?


@BlynkAndroidDev. Hi. Has it been recognised there are widget refresh issues both in the project and the home screen along with terminal not saving colours on this beta. If so will there be a fix soon. If not then how can I roll back?


Do this from from your phone…


Thanks @Gunner. This version was a particularly unexpected buggy offering. Hopefully fixed soon. Ho hum joys of beta so no worries.


New beta build is uploaded:

  1. Terminal color change fixes
  2. Some crash fixes
  3. Support for sending logs from the start screen - click on blynk logo - for the cases when you can not login into blynk

@koaiwi I’ll check home screen widgets issue and graph in next update - could you send log at least from your device, so I can check what’s going on with server communication on your device. Are you on local server or blynk one?


New beta build has log sending option on start screen - so could you reproduce your bug with stuck on login and then go back to start screen, click on blynk logo and send logs from it? Thanks!


Just sent the logs. When I upgraded the app it was stuck at the 3 bouncing dots, I clicked on the “i” box and selected send logs to developer. Then I logged out and tried to login in and followed your instructions and sent the second set of logs.


Thanks! I’ve fixed the bug that caused this issue - in several hours a new build will be available


Ditto drdigital I hope? Email sent.


Email failed as attachment too large. Do you want me to send it some otherway. Can you email me when you have uploaded a version that is not hanging on the 3 bouncing dots.
I’m on the cloud not my own local server.



You can clear the App data/cache, re-login, reproduce issue and then you will be able to send log


I just grabbed the latest beta and the login problem appears to be fixed. Thanks!


I’ve reverted to the standard playstore release. I can confirm that the issue with data not appearing in graphs on project load, dara to time input widget, data to label widget and data to segmented switch not appearing when using the device selector, and data updates to home screen widgets not updating seems not to be a problem. these issues are entirely a problem with th e beta version.

Lets know when you have loaded a new beta that you think fixes the dara refresh issues and ill retry the beta.