Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.1


don’t worry, it was a joke (PS),
but a good idea, isn’t it? :wink:


could you explain us Alexander ?


I guess it should be what you can see below, now you cannot choose Blynk for the other window:
Is that correct @BlynkAndroidDev?


No data on super graph until change the scale. Act of changing scale loads the data.


Yep, now beta version supports that.


Do you mean autoloading of selected period on project’s start?


Looking good!!

Nice improvement!!


It is a split screen option made possible in the Android OS for supported Apps (Blynk Beta now supports this)… Basically lets us see half as much but twice as often :stuck_out_tongue:

AKA Part of of the individual App screen is visible but scrollable, but you can see two Apps or phone screens at once… and you can adjust the midpoint between them to see more of one while less of the other.

Also rotatable for portrait or landscape mode… as I demoed above with Blynk and Virtuino Apps. Works well with 2:1 ratio screens


quote="BlynkAndroidDev, post:46, topic:30548, "]
Do you mean autoloading of selected period on project’s start?

Yes. And some other widgets are slow to load and also some of my home screen widgets too need a prod my clicking on them to get the data to show. All thus since latest beta. Btw I might as well report here that the colour of the home screen widgets change randomly since the original beta. Remember the home screen widgets were nor showing at all but this was fixed promptly but the colours continued to change randomly.


@BlynkAndroidDev the terminal widget color not changing , it will not save the changed color
it goes back to the old one what ever color you set.


I haven’t seen this yet… but then Home screen widgets never seemed quite right with me… as in they never show any state change feedback or colour change until I “refresh” them (via home screen widget settings)

But i can confirm this.


I got it.
but it runs only on Android 7
the best improvement will be landscape mode.


Android 7+

What I meant about Landscape was that the split screen runs in it… the Apps themselves would still generally run in portrait (even if they have a landscape mode) as that would fit best in the split screen.

But Blynk in fullscreen landscape mode is in the wish list… whether it will happen depends on how they can modify the current placement structure. Virtuino for example can be laid out in landscape or portrait, and even flip between them… but doesn’t fit properly in portrait or landscape if formatted for the other. And having an automatic widget layout change is not a good thing, as it will generally mess up the users intended layout… but that’s all for another topics discussion if our feedback is ever requested :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I have a OnePlus 6T and the Blynk app works very well. The only problem Is that all the design of the widgets Is “stretched”. In the images below, you can see a stretched Tab widget and stretched grid when project is in stop.


That is most likely due to your phones super skinny 19.5:9 (2.166:1) aspect ratio… highest I was previously aware of was like mine at 18:9 (2:1).


I agree with you. It is not a big problem, but stretched widgets are not very very nice :sweat_smile:. For example i can’t obtain a perfect round with styled button


Hey… no fair… you have it even closer to round than I can… stop complaining or they will take your ball away :rofl:


Oook :rofl:


nox player landscape mode with screen orientation control from google play, it’s a good start :smile:



Ha… since Blynk doesn’t have nice large fonts like that… I am guessing this is another of your photoshopped wonders :stuck_out_tongue: