Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)




hello Alexander

is it possible to have 99 999 instead of 9999 ? :thinking:


You need to select virtual pin for the decimals option to be available


I think he meant Ten Thousand plus… there have been rare times I have wanted such as well (direct slider to timer variable control, etc. and had to resort to the inaccuracy of mapping in code.

I know that even at fullest extension, slider accuracy at the level becomes questionable, but perhaps allowing up to the Hundred Thousands would still be nice at times.


This was corrected just before you replied, thank you Alexander :wink: ,
so the other question was :
is it possible to have 99 999 instead of 9999 ? :thinking:


Opps… didn’t connect much prior question with current answer… carry on :stuck_out_tongue:


I realized my mistake, that’s why I corrected :smile:


Yep, I’ll add max 5 digits there for virtual pins, somehow from the beginning we have [-9999;9999] range for virtual pins


thank you Alexander,

could you provide us a release note each time you upload new beta release ?
a few lines are enough
if it’s not possible, don’t worry :wink:


Yep, sure, I am not doing that several last time - as it was just bugfix. On next week I hope we’ll push 2.27.1 beta and there will be notes for sure.


that’s great :wink:


new week, new release.


It was a production release with crash fixes, I’ll make an announcement for 2.27.1 beta, but we need to update our servers before.


Looking forward to new update… so far this last installed version seems very unstable when transitioning between projects… constant crashes (AKA Blynk goes away leaving “Unfortunately, Blynk has Stopped” msg) requiring restart. I thought it was just my tablet until I loaded up my emulator (and consequently it wiped out all 13 of my image URLs before the app fully updated :neutral_face: ) Oh well… beta :stuck_out_tongue:


this week we will have the new beta :smirk:


Wow, there should be no such issues in the current app’s version. Did you send crash reports?


Yes… but not sure to whom. OK, now that I look at it closer, I am guessing this goes to Google, not Blynk. It is repeatable on any older (than 8.0) Android version device I use though.


No option to send logs in Blynk after restarting the App…


Ok, and could you mention the devices which had crashed - so it will be easier to find the crash reports


The above just happened on an Acer Tablet B1-810, Android ver.4.4.4

I think I also sent one hours ago (and just again now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) from a NOX emulator apparently emulating a SM-N950F, Android ver 4.4.2

PS runs just fine for hours if I say on the same project, it is when transitioning between projects that I can get it to crash with great frequency.


Thanks, I’ve found it, I’ll make later a release with crash fixes, and when our server’s will be updated to a next version - I’ll upload a new beta with lots of updates.


New build is in the store - it should fix that crash.

We had started the updates of the servers, so it look like tomorrow or on saturday I’ll upload 2.27.1 beta - I’ll add to it ble logging for your LBB