Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)



Fixing button issue that was caused by another fix :slight_smile: (Android specific issue)


now, buttons are square, and there is no “ON” label :smile: :thinking:


@BlynkAndroidDev prepares buttons with images… :wink:


I have same problem


I’m uploading a new build, it has a fix to that bug with Button widget, and several other fixes, looks like we a finishing testing on our side, so it will be move to production soon


so , no image button ? :disappointed_relieved:


Might almost be easier (so says the non-developer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) to add basic touch response (2nd vPin?) to the Image Widget




We will be adding more image-related widgets once all the basics are sorted out.


Thanks. The problem solved


solved for me, too :wink:


text and numeric input widget:
is it possible to have an adjustable width of 2 cells minimum instead of 4?

Numeric input widget :
is it possible to have 3 or more decimals input and step 0.01 ?



On size, numeric widget on 2 cells width will be impossible to use due to plus/minus buttons. Text Input - who knows, maybe. @Pavel what do you think?


sorry , I have to attach a pin to put a dot :smile:
now it’s ok


maybe 3 cells ?
is it possible to have 3 decimals instead of 2 ?


You need to select pin, floats are supported only on virtual pins, so only after pin selection their support will be enabled


@BlynkAndroidDev has the button issue been fixed? I’m not seeing it fixed.

@Dmitriy has the daylight saving issue been fixed? As indicated before the problem only exists on the day the clocks shift. The following day the issue of the time widget goes away so we all say ok until the next time the clicks shift😂


Different topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah just downloaded latest beta and buttons ok now. I didn’t get notifications. If new version of I missed it


new release kills my images
How can I retrieve the links ? :thinking: