Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)



Thanks, I’ve seen that crash report and in todays update it will be fixed.


4.4.4 crashes (goes away, sits in background? recent list) with “Unfortunately, Blynk has stopped” error when logging into my account. 5.1.1 crashes (goes away, sits in background? recent list) without error when logging into my account.

Yes, a account started OK on both older tablets… seems something in my main account is displeasing to the beta app :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, I have an idea of the cause of this crash, but it is strange, as it is due to same code we have already in 2.26.7, or it is somehow connected to new bundle upload format. So we’ll test that via next updates in the beta channel. I’ve uploaded a new build - soon it will be available to update.


Yes :smiley: that works on both my older tablets, thanks.



the latest update also fixes the problem of NoxPlayer 4.x :wink:


Is it possible to clone a widget once created, instead of recreating it every time? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Mm? We have duplicate widget option in the header, you need to drag widget onto it.


nice !


I’ll upload today a new build, it could broke again work on tablets, but I hope that it will work correctly, google new libraries had broke something in their latest versions, which lead to such crashes on pre-Lollipop devices(


I just uploaded the new build, it’s ok for me, and it runs well under andoid 4.x


Great, hope it works for Gunner too and we’ll release this build to prod


Opps, I forgot to turn on auto update on one tablet… But, yes, works fine so far on 4.4.4 and 5.1.1 :+1:


good job Alexander ! :hushed:



Alexander, do you plan push button image too ? :thinking:


Just loaded the latest beta hoping to fix the time widget problem with the advent of the day light saving time change issue. But its still an issue.

But what I do see now is a problem with the buttons. They are lost. There should be a button where the flame is on the screen dump below.


Could you attach screenshot of a stopped state and settings - I do not understand which widget is ot.



It’s the same problem being reported elsewhere today. Same problem we have had every change of time for the last 18 months. It’s an hour out. I think it will rectify itself tomorrow. Always does. But that is not fixing the root cause.

However, main reason for the post was the issue with the UI button outline being lost. Widget is there and working but the button outline can not be seen.


I’m not sure Time Input is syncing its timezone with RTC widget, as Time Input has it’s own timezone option, that could be enabled in its setting. @Dmitriy could correct me here.

I was asking about this button widget. Is it Styled Button or ordinary Button widget?


It’s the normal button not the stylised button.



what’s new with yesterday release ?