Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.0 (Image widget)



It’s beta, there were issues with yesterday build, and it looks like there is an issue with today’s build. Yep, it reproduces on mine device - I’ll check and fix it


yes ,
don’t worry,
I’m glad to test the beta and help you Alexander :wink:


I’ve uploaded a fix, it will be available in several hours or earlier


Sorry, still crashes after login attempt… sent report. I did just uninstall and reinstall… supposedly the latest BETA version, how to tell?


I’m not changing version name of the app, so it is hard to tell, I’ll check crash reports.


did you try noxplayer with blynk beta?
blynk bêta crash every time I try to move widgets.


Strange, your device - I’ll check crash reports - did you send them?


I didn’t send the report, I’m waiting the last release you post 3 hours ago


No… as a BETA I suspect there will be issues (e.g. Phone home screen widgets) and due to the probable disappearing images issue, I have all other Apps shutdown for now.


Home screen widgets should be already fixed - @koaiwi have you tried the latest beta build?


Hm, I received a notification that is it online


I just update , image widget works fine now.
I sent you the crash report from my noxplayer App.
blynk crash with all widgets

Video_00372 Video_00373


Opps… latest BETA App also crashes on Android 5.1.1 tablet… but NO error or reporting option, just goes awayyyyy


Yep. Tried yesterday and all good now thanks.



NoxPlay is android 4.x by default
I installed android 5.x and everything works well, so don’t worry


Aah guys, the FOMO is real - iPhone user :frowning:


crazy !!! :rofl:



In which case it crashes? After login? Could you try to create an empty account on both tablets - will it work?


what else ? :blush:



Every time I try to open a Superchart in landscape mode the App clashes.

I know it’s a beta and this things can happen, this is just to let you know.

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