Android Beta 2.28.0

iSpy agent, yes !
I don’t know why , no password , no ID are required .
Maybe it’s because I use local network
That’s works well with VLC !!!

Now , blynk app does’t crash , but never stop buffering …

Still good here… :+1:t2:

I’ve uploaded yesterday a new beta build - it made more stable playback and fixed some issues like necessity to restart project for video streaming to work.


Thank you Alexander,
it’s ok for me ,It works well


Cool, looks like we are moving in a correct direction with video streaming. Please send logs if there will be any issues with your stream.


I recently installed the Beta version, the Video Streaming widget now works but strangely push notifications come without audio (when the app is closed). I checked all the permissions of the notifications on the smartphone, everything is active

Which Android version is on your smartphone? You can also send the logs from the app - they can help with this issue.

Android 7.0
How can I send the logs from the app?

if you have samsung please disable battery optimization of blynk app

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On projects list screen click on info button in top right corner, the result About screen in beta app should have a button to send logs via email.

Thanks a lot, I think I solved: (yes I have a Samsung) the battery optimization was not active, I enabled it and then disabled it and the notifications have started working properly with the sound. For now everything is ok

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I checked in About screen, there is only:

  • Blynk Community
  • Blynk Help Center
  • Third party libraries

Thanks anyway, for now I think I have solved it

I noticed that sometimes the image of the Video Streaming does not open completely (cut in the sides), I have to close and reopen the app to see it completely

Are you on beta version? Only beta app has log support

This is what is in the About screen:

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Thanks, looks like I’ve missed to enable it for latest beta build.

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Hi @BlynkAndroidDev, just to let you know it seems that when I select full screen mode then swipe back to main screen the video stream widget stays black… I have stop and restart to get stream back.

It happens with MJPEG stream, right?

Same bug for me in rstp
I have to stop blynk app.

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Correct… Just to clarify as well when I said stop and restart I mean using the stop and play button located top right of screen… Not restart the app.

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