You have reached upload limit per day (blynk air)

Hi, I have a subscription “PLUS” and when I want to use blynk air it gives me that message that I have reached some limit for today but the problem is I have not uploaded anything today yet. I’m not using Blynk for some fun project - my house runs on Blynk I need this to be working now.

Please what could be the issue?

Also if there is a limit, what is the limit and why is in there for uploading the code even for paying customers?


as far as I know, the current limit is 25 shipments.

good to know thank you John, funny that I have not seen this anywhere in the pricing yet - it must be somewhere hidden :slight_smile:

aaah I think it works again - don’t know what’s going on - I removed all the shipments history but it kept saying the same message but after I logged out and logeed in again it works again weird

We have multiple limits on all levels - Regarding OTA there are 2 limits:

Max number of shipments per organization - 25 shipments
Max number of file uploads per user per day - 25 uploads

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Do these limits apply to white label plans? If so can you please remove them. Some of us have hundreds of customers and devices - some with custom code - that require urgent updates.