Would like to be able to use same virtual port for multiple widgets

For some things it would be nice to be able to show a graph widget, and a value widget for the same virtual port. I understand I can duplicate the data to multiple virtual ports, but seems like it is arbitrary to only allow one port per widget.


This is already a very requested feature. We will work on it after the widgets are mostly delivered.

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@vshymanskyy This seems to be the oldest post on the topic, so I will resurrect it anew :innocent:

I would also like to have two or more widgets that need to display the same info (either on same tab or different tab), but all assigned to a single Vx pin. Yes, it is easily enough done in code, but adds a bit to the code bloat (and processing time).

But what I am envisioning ‘might’ be processable within the app itself? Perhaps a tick box in the widget setup designating it as the ‘master’ containing shareable data to other input only widgets with a ‘slave’ setting?[quote=“vhymanskyy, post:2, topic:1035”]
We will work on it after the widgets are mostly delivered

So, I guess what I am asking is… Are we there yet? :smiley:

I’ll second this request.

I found these on another post - but as it is directly related to this post as well, I am copying the answer here for easier reference.