Would is possible to use widget Device Selector for

Hi All.
Before my question a brief preamble.
I designed Blynk-project wich included up 8 identical devices baced on ESP8266. Dashboard included 4 tabs: State, Settings, Manual control, Graph. For switching between devices is used widget Device Selector. All is nice exept distance - no more as 35-40m.
Then I tride to use LoRa RFM95 (868MHz) (not LoRa WAN). All 8 devices (as nodes), baced on RFM95, are talking with main device (baced on RFM95 too). Maximum distance between main device and nodes I got about 400m what is quite enough for me. The main device haves ability to connect to the internet and it means that can be to connect this project to the Blynk server.
Now is question.
How to use in this proeject widget Device Selector for implement identical interface like in my project, baced on en ESP8266? Is it posseble?

Thank You.

Hello. Please check DevieTiles widget. Seems like it suits your needs more.

Thank You, Dmitriy.
But I could not found nothing about this widget in http://docs.blynk.cc.
Where I can read about it?

here it is in the Docs

Sorry, Dmitriy. You wror DevieTiles, but meant Device Tiles. Therefore I could not found.:confused:

In my case only the main device has AUTH and I not undestand how with using widget Device Tile I will can to switch dashboards of nodes. May be I’m not right, but I not found how to use this widget neither in the http://docs.blynk.cc, nor on this forum.

Hub topology is not yet supported. Every device should have Auth Token and talk directly to the server.

You can hack around this, but we can’t guarantee it will work beforw we implement a solution for such cases.

Thank You, Pavel.

This is planned?

Is there any news on hub topology support?
My understanding is it’s supposed to be available this month.

That’s the first I’ve heard of this, and I try to read virtually everything that’s posted on the forum.

The simplest way to implement a hub topology is to use MQTT and Node-Red.
The individual devices connect to the hub that’s running Node-Red and which uses the Blynk plug-in to talk to the Blynk server (either cloud or local).
Node-Red can have multiple Blynk devices (each with their own Auth code) and you can feed data from your physical nodes on your network to the appropriate Blynk device and vice-versa by routing the MQTT messages to the appropriate place.
This actually sounds more complex than it is, and may make more sense if you read this:

The only thing that doesn’t work as designed with this setup is the online/offline status of your devices. Because it’d the central hub that’s connected to Blynk, if the hub is running and connected to the Blynk server then Blynk will think that all the devices that have their own Auth codes are also online. It’s easy enough to get around this though, by sending an MQTT heartbeat message from each of the network devices and using an LED widget to indicate the status of each device if the heartbeat stops.


I have been chatting to Blynk for business through email re hub topology support, as I am more than happy to pay a subscription to get something that works. They said it should be ready in January but I haven’t been able to get an update.
Thanks for the tips on mqtt/node red - checking it out right now.