Win10 as local server

Guess it comes down to how much you are willing to learn or have time for… Or even brain storage :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment I’m switching between
Batch code
C++ for MCU

With the former two for work purposes, I don’t think I could ever fit learning about Linux at this point in my life :sweat_smile:

In a general sense the brain is capable of so much more than we think. I’m learning to play piano now, granted, it isn’t easy at 35, but I’m still making headway. Besides that I invest a lost of time in Linux, Blynk and the likes of other computer stuff, electronics, model railroading and what not.

And if that isn’t enbough, I’m an amature photographer an for work I dabble in firewalls, Wifi, networking and datcenter operations.

Just saying, we are capable of a lot of things all together :slight_smile:


yeah, thanks @Fettkeewl, this was nice touch :))

actually i wanted to try the windows phone anyway, because it didn’t cost me anything besides some hours of meddle. now i wait for the pi to arrive. hope to have better luck with that…

i assure you, that i will draw on that knowledge. linux is not my forte, i have some very basic experience with it. (just i tried a lots of distros).

but, as one of my c# coder buddy said, when i asked why is he using windoze:
“i’m too lazy and life is too short for linux” :slight_smile:

I guess you guys all know the plane jokes, right?

if not, ENJOY!